Box Theory Business Systems Academy.

Module 5: Lead Boldly

Culture of Excellence

Your entire business is a system. The recipe for an excellent organization includes the right people, a good plan, the will to excel, a philosophy of continuous improvement, and high-performance systems and processes. The resulting culture produces an organization with lasting value—one that you can sell, franchise, or let someone run for you.

Creating a culture of excellence is like creating a brand; it takes some time, but when it catches on, it is quite remarkable! Transforming your organization, Mr. or Ms. Business Owner, is your number one task. It is the Master Skill!

In describing great companies, Jim Collins said:

“The best companies never transform to greatness in ‘one fell swoop.’ There is no single defining action, no grand program, no one killer innovation, no solitary lucky break, no miracle moment. Sustainable transformations [to greatness] follow a predictable pattern of build-up and breakthrough. Like pushing on a giant heavy flywheel, it takes a lot of effort to get the thing moving at all, but with persistent pushing in a consistent direction over a long period of time, the flywheel builds momentum, eventually hitting a point of breakthrough” (Good to Great).

This transformation to greatness—becoming a culture of excellence—requires steady dedication to the development of effective business systems and processes. There is no other way!