Box Theory Business Systems Academy.

Module 1: Getting Started

eCourse Introduction

  • Purpose: Lay the groundwork and cover foundational principles used throughout the course. Some people read the entire business course, Box Theory™: Double Your Profit with High-Performance Systems and Processes, and then do a quick chapter review as necessary during the lessons. You can also read the eCourse chapters as the assignments are given. In this introductory lesson, you will simply read the first five chapters of the eCourse.
  • Foundation Principles: (Read the following Box Theory eCourse Chapters):

“Introduction” (15 min)
“Foreword” (14 min)
“The Problems – Source of All Opportunities” (13 min)
“The Problems – Shut Down Your Fix-it Factory” (9 min)
“The Solution – Effective Systems and Processes” (35 min)
“The Solution – Grade Your Business Systems” (7 min)
“Innovation – Continuous Learning and Improvement” (18 min)
“Innovation – Law, Principles and Best Practices” (15 min)
“Focus and Leverage – Strengthening the Weak Link” (19 min)
“Focus and Leverage – Drilling Down to the Root Cause” (22 min)
“Box Theory™ – The Master Skill” (28 min)
“Box Theory™ – Ready…Set…Go” (14 min)

  • Enrichment:

Article: 10 Values of a Systems Thinker!   (pdf version)
Video: Business Systems 101 Webinar (17 min)
Quotes: What Leaders Say About Business Systems and Processes
Software Tip: Building a Business is Like Eating an Elephant!

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