Box Theory Business Systems Academy.

Module 5: Lead Boldly

Final Word

I have found that many people have difficulty shifting to a more disciplined way of getting things done. In fact, there is a lazy couch potato inside each of us that wants to put forth the least amount of effort. The irony is that while systems increase the upfront effort, they reduce time, energy, and cost in the long run. It is a leap of faith; you have to believe. You have to muster the willpower!

Whatever it is you want in life—whatever is important to do or accomplish—requires the “will.” You can call it “desire” or you can call it “passion,” or in the words of Chet Holmes, author of the best-seller, The Ultimate Sales Machine, you can call it “pig-headed determination.” Whatever you call it, you have to get it!

So at the end of this course, I ask, “Do you have the will?”

Will you believe?
Will you commit?
Will you change?
Will you pay the price?
Will you stick with it?

If you muster the will, you can create a remarkable business; you can live a remarkable life; you can become a remarkable person! Determine your “Y” (as in Y = f(x) + e), and get going . There is no other way!

Thank you for purchasing Box Theory Software and attending the Box TheoryBusiness Systems Academy. I hope it has inspired you and given you practical skills to accomplish the mission and vision of your organization. I wish you great success with your continuing business endeavors! AND CONGRATULATIONS ON COMPLETING THE COURSE!