Box Theory Business Systems Academy.

Software Introduction

Help Resources

Box Theory™ is a new way of looking at your business, a new way of thinking. Even though the methodology is simple and tasks are easy to perform, we realize that it will be a new experience for you. For that reason, we provide a great deal of help. Below are the sources you can turn to for instruction and examples.

  1. Quickstart Guide – This guide is contained in the “Box Theory Software and Content” zip file that you downloaded. It provides a brief overview of fundamental principles and elements of the software that are important to understand when just starting out. A must-read.
  2. Main Menu Help – From the main menu, you can view several documents that provide the same information contained in the Appendix of the Quickstart Guide. Topics include getting started guidelines, main menu functionality, navigating Box Theory™ software, and where to turn for help
  3. Software Help – At the bottom of the Task Window in each section of the software, there is thorough help for the specific tool or topic. These help areas deal primarily with software functionality—how Box Theory™ software works.
  4. Video Help – Video Help provides brief on-screen examples of how to use a specific software tool. The “Video Help” button (or “Video Tutorials” tab on the Home Page) will show the video through a web browser. The videos are hosted on the Internet so that they can easily be added or updated.
  5. Principles – In each section of the software, you have access to the underlying principles for building your organization and its systems. Most of the Principles pages are taken from the eCourse, Box Theory™: Double Your Profit with High-Performance Systems and Processes. You can view the entire eCourse from the tab in the Home Page area.
  6. Example Pages – You will perform the important business-building tasks of Box Theory™ software on the Action Plan page of the Task Bar located at the bottom of the Task Window. The Examples Page shows a real-world example of the Action Plan. Examples come from a variety of industries and business types.
  7. Worksheets – Worksheets are available in some sections to get you thinking and brainstorming about a specific task. In some cases, Worksheets provide a foundation for completing the Action Plan. In other cases, they are a tool for producing supplemental information. Worksheets are optional to complete the Action Plan.
  8. Software Tips – All Software Tips are now in a pdf that you downloaded with the “Box Theory Software and Content” zip file. Every few days—for several months after buying Box Theory™ software— you are receiving tips to enhance your experience. You can access all of these tips at
  9. Box Theory™ Business Systems Academy – We recommend that you learn all about Box Theory™ principles and Box Theory™ software by following the complete training program available at the Box Theory™ Business Systems Academy.
  10. Contact Ron – If I can be of help with the software or your business in general, please email me at