Box Theory Business Systems Academy.

Module 4: Your First Box Theory™ System


In Box Theory™ Software, go to:

  1. Main Menu>Box Theory™ Systems>YourFirstSystem>Measurement>The Measurement Button is located on the bottom Taskbar.
  2. Select from the popup menu: System Objectives or Measurement Report Manager.
  • Purpose: Create measurable System Objectives and a Measurement Report for tracking results.
  • Principles Button: Read “Measurement – ‘Results Rule'” (33 min)
    Read Define Your System Objectives
    Read The Measurement Report Wizard
  • Examples Button: Click the Measurement Button on the Toolbar and select System Objectives from the pop-up menu. Then click the Example Button to view a sample of Balanced Scorecard and System goals.
  • Examples Button: Click the Measurement Report Manager Button from the pop-up menu. View a sample Measurement Report created with the Report Wizard.
  • Video Help Button: The Measurement video tutorial is not yet available. Instead, please refer to the Sofware Help. To enter report data from the main menu of the software, review the brief video, Measurement Reports (1:52; be sure to click on “Full View” if it appears).
  • Software Help Button: In each of the two areas (System Objectives and Measurement Report Manager), the Software Help provides very valuable information specific to each area. This information temporarily replaces the video tutorial and is a must-read.
  • Action Plan Button: Click the “Select from Balanced Scorecard” and choose a company objective if the current system has a direct influence on that company goal (e.g. A lead generation system will contribute to the company sales goal). Determine one or two system objectives that you can measure, and complete the System Scorecard Goal(s). Using the Report Wizard, create a Measurement Report. (If your system already exists, try to establish baseline and benchmark performance data before implementing the new system.)
  • High-Performance Attribute: If the system drives a company Balanced Scorecard goal, give the system the “Balanced Scorecard Driver” attribute at Dashboard>High-Performance Attributes.
  • Enrichment: