Box Theory Business Systems Academy.

Module 4: Your First Box Theory™ System


In Box Theory™ Software, go to:

  1. Main Menu>Box Theory™ Systems>YourFirstSystem>People>The People Button is located on the bottom Taskbar.
  2. Select from the popup menu: People Manager, Job Description Manager, or System Policies.
  3. Owners of Box Theory™ Silver Edition: In this section, complete the Principles and Examples and omit the Action Plan.
  • Purpose: Create system Job Descriptions and Policies. Assign people to operate this business system.
  • Principles Button: Read “People – The Most Important Component” (50 min).
  • Examples Button: Click the People Button on the Toolbar and select People Manager from the pop-up menu. Then click the Example Button to view a list of people assigned to a sample system or team.
  • Examples Button: Click the Job Description Manager from the pop-up menu. Click the Example Button to see a sample of a Results-Oriented Job Description. Important: Go to the Software Help Button to see definitions and tips pertaining to the Job Description form.
  • Examples Button: Click the Policies Button from the pop-up menu. Click on the Example Button to view a list of company policies for this sample system.
  • Video Help Button: People (11:40; be sure to click on “Full View” if it appears)
  • Software Help Button: In each of the three areas, the Software Help provides valuable information specific to the area you are in.
  • Action Plan Button (Gold Edition only): In the Job Description Manager, create a Job Description for each unique job assignment related to this system.If you have not already, add people in the People Manager who will work in this system to your company database. (Note: You can add new names to your company database here or in MainMenu-File>Administration>People. However, you can only delete and edit names from the File>Administration area of the software.) When adding names to the team, you can select the appropriate Job Title/Description or leave it blank and complete it later.Check the System Dashboard and make sure the team is properly set up. Create an Assistant if desired.In System Policies, write company policies that guide team behavior for this system.
  • High-Performance Attribute: When the system Owner/Leader is assigned, give the system the “Owner” attribute at Dashboard>High-Performance Attributes.
  • Enrichment: