Box Theory Business Systems Academy.

Module 4: Your First Box Theory™ System


In Box Theory™ Software, go to:

  1. Main Menu>Box Theory™ Systems>YourFirstSystem>Quality>The Quality Button is located on the bottom Taskbar.
  2. Select from the popup menu: Quality Improvement Analysis, Pareto Analysis, or Pareto Analysis 2.
  3. Owners of Box Theory™ Silver Edition: Complete the Principles and Examples; omit the Action Plan.
  • Purpose: If applicable to the system you are working on, improve system performance so that it has less than 1% errors or waste.
  • Principles Button: Read “Quality – Customer Specifications and Expectations” (35 min).
  • Examples Button: Click the Quality Button on the Toolbar and select Quality Improvement Analysis from the pop-up menu. Then click on the Example Button.
  • Examples Button: Click the Pareto Analysis Button from the pop-up menu. Click the Example Button to see a sample Pareto Analysis.
  • Examples Button: Click Pareto Analysis 2 Button form the pop-up menu. Click the Example Button.
  • Video Help Button: The Quality tutorial is not yet available; see Software Help.
  • Software Help Button: In each of the three areas, the Software Help provides valuable information specific to the area you are in. This information temporarily replaces the video tutorial and is a must-read.
  • Action Plan Button (Gold Edition only): After measuring performance, if your system has more than 1% mistakes and waste, first try the 5-Whys Analysis Worksheet. For a more detailed understanding of the problem, do a Quality Improvement Analysis, including action plans. If you still can’t identify the root cause, perform a Pareto Analysis over a sample time period. Follow your action plan to fix the problem. You will need to modify the procedure/checklist or upgrade the components to improve your business system. There is no other way. Measure results and repeat this exercise until the system produces less than 1% errors.
  • High-Performance Attribute: When system mistakes or errors are under 1%, give the system the “High-Yield” attribute at Dashboard>High-Performance Attributes.
  • Enrichment: