Box Theory Business Systems Academy.

Module 1: Getting Started

Software Introduction

  • Purpose: Introduction to Box Theory™ Business Systems Software features and functions.
  • Video Tutorials: (software Main Menu overview; 38 min total)

Home Page (7:41)
Main Menu: Help (2:22)
Main Menu: Organization Blueprint (3:48)
Main Menu: Box Theory™ Systems (5:22)
Main Menu: System Framework (8:12; you can watch this in the lesson)
Main Menu: Measurement Reports (1:52)
Main Menu: Print (3:24)
Main Menu: *Find (formerly “Search”; now includes Bookmarking; 1:29)
Main Menu: *File/Add People/Backup (3:23; video needs updating)

*Some videos do not reflect recent updates. The last two videos, “Find,” and “File” are better understood reading the Help File: Main Menu Options.

  • Optional Task: Go to software Main Menu>File>Administration>People. Add employees to your company database (some or all; you can add more later).
  • Enrichment (view now or later as desired):

Marketing Video: Software Tour (10:54)
Chart: Software Features Overview
Software Main Menu Help: Main Menu Options
Software Main Menu Help: Navigating Box Theory™ Software
Software Main Meu Help: Help Resources
Software Main Menu Help: File Management

Box Theory™ Software is a Breakthrough Product!
Tips When Writing in Box Theory™ Software
Box Theory™ Software Document Printing Wizard
Expand System Information with the Unique Level-Viewer
Did You Know… (more software features)