Box Theory Business Systems Academy.

Module 4: Your First Box Theory™ System


In Box Theory™ Software, go to:

  1. Main Menu>Box Theory™ Systems>YourFirstSystem>Speed>The Measurement Button is located on the bottom Taskbar.
  2. Select from the popup menu: Speed Improvement Analysis or Value Stream Analysis.
  3. Owners of Box Theory™ Silver Edition: Complete the Principles and Examples; omit the Action Plan.
  • Purpose: If applicable, increase the efficiency and throughput of your business system.
  • Principles Button: Read “Speed – Short Cycle Time and High Throughput” (50 min).
  • Examples Button: Click the Speed Button on the Toolbar and select Speed Improvement Analysis from the pop-up menu. Then click on the Example Button to view a Speed Analysis example.
  • Examples Button: Click the Value Stream Analysis Button from the pop-up menu. Then click on the Example Button.
  • Video Help Button: The Speed tutorial is not yet available; see Software Help.
  • Software Help Button: In each of the two areas (Speed Analysis and Value Stream), the Software Help provides valuable information specific to the area you are in. This information temporarily replaces the video tutorial and is a must-read.
  • Action Plan Button (Gold Edition only): If the system is a bottleneck or weak link, and is holding back business performance, do a Speed Improvement Analysis to identify ways of increasing efficiency and throughput. There are many opportunities. Get the system lean and mean. If applicable, perform a Value-Stream Analysis to eliminate wasted time in your business process. Follow your action plans to modify the system flowchart/checklist or components to reflect the “better way” you have discovered.
  • High-Performance Attribute: When the system is operating efficiently and has short lead-time and high throughput, give the system the “Speed” attribute at Dashboard>High-Performance Attributes. If the system is a bottleneck, uncheck the “Non-Constraint” attribute and then strive to elevate the system to a non-bottleneck.
  • Enrichment: