Box Theory Business Systems Academy.

Module 4: Your First Box Theory™ Business System


In this module, you will learn about the System Dashboard and the six areas of focus when creating or improving a business system using Box Theory™ software. Additional articles will discuss system boosters and busters, taking waste and cost out of business processes, and your constant need for operational improvement. You will get a hands-on experience creating your first Box Theory business system.

In the last step of the Organization Blueprint, you listed the systems/boxes in the top three or four levels of your organization. You should have also scored those business systems to determine your company’s highest priorities for developing or improving. Later, you may also determine priorities by getting input from others in one of your Business Improvement Workshops (a future lesson).

In this module, you will be working on a system of your choice. It could be an urgently needed system (scored as a high priority in the System Framework), or perhaps an important but simpler system for your first experience. In the training to follow, I will refer to this as YourFirstSystem. When working in the Box Theory™ Software, you will use the actual name of the system that you are working on.

Before beginning your system development work, please go through the following review tasks.

  • Principles: Review “Box Theory™ – The Master Skill” (28 min). This chapter is available in the eCourse or within the software (Home Page>eCourse Button>Chapter: “Box Theory™: The Master Skill.”
  • Principles: Review “Your Business is Your #1 System” (8 min). This chapter is also available in the eCourse or within the software (Home Page>eCourse Button>Chapter: “Your Business is Your #1 System”).
  • Review Video Tutorial: Main Menu>Box Theory™ Systems (5:22; be sure to click on “Full View” if it appears)
  • Recommended Task: Look in Main Menu>File>Administration>Backup>”Open Folder” to see if your backup files are now being listed.
  • Enrichment: