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“As CEO, I finally know what I am supposed to do.”

Entrepreneurs come from a variety of backgrounds and have a vast range of experiences, knowledge, skills, and talents. No two are alike. Working with hundreds of business owners over my career, I have seen all kinds.

The entrepreneur with big ideas often likes to see his or her dreams fulfilled but let other people do as much of the work as possible (nice, if you can afford it).

The entrepreneur-salesperson attracts people and creates valuable relationships. He paints a wonderful picture to customers but often struggles with details and executing on his promise.

The entrepreneur-technician loves to create the products and services but sometimes gets caught up in fussing and tinkering to get things just right. He may struggle with managing operations or the marketing side of the business.

The numbers guy or gal likes to measure and analyze but is usually not an innovator, marketer, or even operations person.

You get the idea. People are what they are.

However, every small-business owner needs to be one thing above all the rest. He or she needs to be a Systems Thinkerto possess the Master Skill.

After one of my two-day system-development workshops, I walked a young entrepreneur out to his car. He said to me, “I finally understand what I should be doing as CEO!” He got it! I was thrilled.

What you are learning with the Box Theory™ eCourse and software is the expertise to be a successful business owner and CEO, and what it takes to have an outstanding organization.

Now, if you are a personality who finds it difficult to do the system-development work, that’s OK. You don’t have to do it. However, you cannot abdicate the responsibility for getting it done. It is your primary purpose, regardless of who you assign to do the pick-and-shovel work.

Recently, a new customer of the Box Theory™ Business Systems Academy, said to me, “I get it. I see the importance of it. I just don’t want to do it.”

This person is an attorney starting a new business, and her background and skills are better applied to other areas. However, she is hiring someone to make sure the job gets done because she wants an organization with a reputation for excellence.

And that’s the way it is. Do it yourself if you love the work. Get a college student, assistant, or other if you don’t. But you have to find some way. You can never stop being the CST—Chief Systems Thinker.

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Ron Carroll

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