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Mini-Course Day 5: “Fast Start to Systems Thinking”

Yesterday we talked about how you can only improve a system’s results by improving the process or the component parts. There is no other way! Today I will spend a few minutes talking more about the importance of “components” in your business systems and processes.

You are probably familiar with the term “system components” as it refers to electronics such as a stereo system. The components are the physical things used by a system or process to make it perform properly—to transform materials or information into something that customers will value. In the case of a stereo system, the electronic components transform signals or data into music.

What are Business System Components?

Business-system components come in several varieties. They include self-made documents such as policies, checklists, forms, reports, brochures, and so forth. They also include purchased items such as equipment, tools, software, materials, or supplies. Some systems utilize finished materials or inventory, such as the bricks used in a brick-laying process. People are also important components of most systems. Every physical object in our world is a component of some system!

“Missing or poor-quality components cause degraded system performance and are a major weakness of most small businesses”   (Ron Carroll).

Good system developers identify and acquire all the essential components to have a smooth-running process. Imagine your hiring system without an employment application, your accounting system without software, or your custodial system without a vacuum. Yes, you could get the job done, but the results would be sub-par and the cost excessive.

The examples above are obvious, but many small business systems suffer greatly from omitted or poor-quality components. Owners fail to notice the missing components, do not realize their potential benefit, or are not willing to spend the time or money to acquire them. Whatever the reason, inadequate components cost business owners dearly in customer satisfaction, quality and efficiency.

Like cutting wood all day with a dull saw-blade (component), the work is slow, the finished edges are rough, and the customer is disappointed with the result.

Consider this: Components are actually mini-systems themselves. A form is a system to collect information. A paper clip is a system to hold pieces of paper together. A pen is a system for writing and communicating. Look around your desk and you will see many objects; each is a component of a larger system, and each is actually a system itself. Again, everything is part of a system! How components work—and how they work together—are critical to your business success!

Manage Your System Components

You and other business owners have hundreds or even thousands of components to keep track of. Not all components are of equal importance, but managing even the essential ones can be a daunting task. However, Box Theory™ Gold software offers a unique way to manage components that make the job a snap! Here is what one person had to say about this amazing productivity tool:

“Thanks so much for creating this software which has given my business the ability to take Quantum Leaps that otherwise may have taken another lifetime to hammer out.”—Mark F., serving people with developmental disabilities

Give the software a try, and I’ll bet it becomes the most valuable component of your business-improvement activities—besides YOU, of course!

Tomorrow we will talk about the one system component that is more important and critical to your success than all the rest. See you then.

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Mini-Course, “Fast-Start to Systems Thinking”

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