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The WOW Factor: Six Ways to Supercharge Your Business Systems!

Posted byRon Carroll

To a Systems Thinker, there is a significant difference between a business process or procedure and a growth-producing, customer-pleasing, waste-removing, profit-generating, business system.

In addition to the six qualities of effective business systems described in the Box Theory Way™, a seventh factor can make all the difference in boosting system performance and helping your business become remarkable.

Let’s call it the WOW Factor!

Business Systems that WOW

Nowadays, we are drawn to people, products and processes that can be described as impressive, engaging, memorable, even head-turning, jaw-dropping, or spectacular.

When people have an intensely positive reaction to something about your business, you’ve got a WOW Factor!

So, here are a few suggestions to get that WOW thing going in your business operation.

WOW Your Customers

  1. WOW Factor #1: Take the Lead – Innovate new products and services. Add or improve features and benefits. Expand technology. Be the first to market. Disturb the status-quo. Set the de facto standard. Become the best-in-class. Develop a game-changer. Introduce the next big thing. Differentiate yourself from competitors. Dominate your target market. In some way, become a standout!

  2. WOW Factor #2: Become the “Best Deal” – Make your products, services, or customer experience easier, better, faster or cheaper than your competition. Provide superior quality or workmanship, the fastest delivery time, widest product selection, or a legitimate price advantage. Offer exceptional value, the most convenience, or the best guarantee/warranty. Your entire business is your product, and it must shine throughout. When it does, YOU become the “best deal"!

  3. WOW Factor #3: Dazzle the Senses – Create a strong marketing “sensory package.” Engage multiple senses—sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. Become a customer magnet—engaging, fun, entertaining, motivational. Tell relevant humorous or inspirational stories. Tease or arouse curiosity. Champion a cause. Offer a new vision. Be distinctive, thought provoking, dramatic, or even controversial. Razzle-dazzle your customers. Get inside their heads and hearts!

  4. WOW Factor #4: Offer Overwhelming Proof – Take away all doubt about the value or your product or service. Include testimonials, eye-opening case studies, enthusiastic reviews, demonstrations, samples, or no-risk guarantees. Provide statements of authorities, facts, or statistics to prove your claims—the more interesting, shocking, surprising, and compelling your facts and figures, the greater the WOW Factor. Make your case so convincing that the customer’s decision to buy from you is a no-brainer!

  5. WOW Factor #5: Impress with Exceptional Know-how – Preparation, knowledge, expertise and professionalism produce immediate confidence with customers. People want to do business with those they trust—those who inform them, teach them, or take them by the hand and show them exactly what to do. Become the best resource to solve their big problem. Take away their worry or frustration. Make their task easier. Lighten their burdens. Encourage and reassure customers that they have come to the right place.

  6. WOW Factor #6: Give Killer Customer Care – Provide a fast resolution to customer problems. Apply the Golden Rule (treat customers the way you would like to be treated). Go the extra mile. Exhibit a high degree of fairness and integrity. Give the most value you can for every dollar the customer spends. Systemize customer-service processes for consistency and reliability. Deliver on your sales promise, and exceed expectations if possible. Continually seek ways to surprise and delight your customers!

There Is No Other Way

The only way to add a WOW Factor to your business is to incorporate it into a system component or procedure. There is no other way!  So, go ahead and apply some of the suggestions above to boost your business revenue and profit with supercharged business systems.

Next week we're going to apply the WOW Factor to your internal customers, your employees and business processes.

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