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10 Values of a Systems Thinker!

Posted byRon Carroll

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Below are ten values that define some of the core beliefs of a Systems Thinker. They are based upon true principles that can't be ignored without consequences. Ponder each one and apply them to your organization. You will be amazed by the results!

  1. We believe that effective systems and processes are the essential building blocks of a successful and profitable business; their primary purpose is to find and keep customers, eliminate operational waste, and create differentiation and domination in the marketplace.

  2. We believe in the application of laws, principles, and best practices to manage and improve vital business systems; the Law of Cause and Effect governs all outcomes.

  3. We believe that good business processes provide quality, efficiency, and low-cost products and services, giving customers the best value and stakeholders the greatest return.

  4. We believe that business owners and managers must master the skill of system development. All business functions—marketing, finance, and operations—fall within the scope of this single skill mastery.

  5. We believe that effective systems and processes increase efficiency, accomplish objectives, and give customers what they want every time. They are the solution to poor performance, wasted resources, customer dissatisfaction, employee turnover, excessive costs, weak sales growth, inadequate cash flow, low profit margins, and daily frustrations.

  6. We believe that putting ordinary people into well-designed systems yields extraordinary results; "let systems run the business and people run the systems" (Michael Gerber,

  7. We believe that ongoing system development promotes continuous learning, growth, and improvement of individuals and organizations; innovation at the system level drives all progress.

  8. We believe that measured systems and processes produce a results-driven organization—a culture of discipline and excellence.

  9. We believe that the financial benefit of high-performance business systems far exceeds the cost of their development; the payoff is often immediate and dramatic.

  10. We believe that the true value of a business is found in the maturity of its business systems and processes—their ability to consistently produce desired results.

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