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Business Owners: Your Role in Creating Remarkable Business Systems

Posted byRon Carroll

The occupation of “business owner” might more correctly be described as “business engineer”—one who plans, constructs, or shrewdly manages an enterprise" (Online Dictionary).

Business Engineer

Your primary engineering responsibility is to oversee the creation of effective business systems and processes that work in harmony to achieve customer loyalty, profitability and growth. I call this most important engineering feat, the Master Skill.

Some company owners like to roll up their sleeves and delve into the details of their business operations (the business systems and processes). However, many are too busy or not wired to perform this mission-critical task. They need help, and that’s OK.

Even though you may delegate system-development work to others, you still play a vital role in creating a culture of excellence. Your faithful commitment to the following six responsibilities is essential to success:

  1. Become a Systems Thinker and raise your business I.Q. by 80 points—overnight! (Lead by example.)
  2. Provide oversight to the system-development activities going on within your company. (Be the visionary and driving force.)
  3. Frequently monitor the results of your core systems and processes and seek continuous improvement. (Know the key numbers (KPI's) that drive your business outcomes.)
  4. Participate in company or team business-improvement workshops. (Teach, offer insights, and turn employees into enthusiastic Systems Thinkers.)
  5. Provide employees the means for implementing new and better business systems and processes. (Approve projects and allocate company resources to get the work done.)
  6. Become a champion of "business improvement" by offering continual encouragement and celebrating accomplishments. (Become your organization’s biggest cheerleader.)

Chief Business Engineer

As a business owner, you have many demands for your time and attention. You can be most effective by being at the crossroads of important business activities. No responsibility is more critical than your role as “chief business engineer.”

Now go put on your hard hat and get those systems and processes humming!


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