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Business Improvement: Get Off the Treadmill and Into the "Zone"!

Posted byRon Carroll

Your business will never give you what you want until you get off the phone, out of meetings, away from the office, and into a quiet "Zone" where illumination, inspiration, and imagination produce a panoramic view of new possibilities for innovation!

Work on your business in the Zone

When you get moving in the Zone, your business will progress at warp speed. You will begin to see your business as your "product." You will "work on the business, not just in the business" (Michael Gerber, E-Myth Revisited).  In doing so, you will create a remarkable company—one that will help you achieve your life goals.

For a little time each day or week, you must leave all administrative tasks and daily routine behind, and even take a time-out from income producing tasks. Instead, you will concentrate on the most important task of all—building permanent value into your business.

Miracles Will Happen

In the Zone, you will be at the highest state of human performance and productivity. Something almost miraculous happens with your mind and emotions. You become energized. You function on a higher plane of clarity, creativity, and competence. You are more sensitive, insightful, and intuitive. You better understand the people, relationships, and circumstances around you.

In the Zone, you will hunger for knowledge and read books written by business authorities, seeking all truth that can deepen your understanding and broaden your vision. You will think about your customers, employees, and business processes. You will "dream the impossible dream" and map out the path to its fulfillment. These essential activities are more than just good management practices. In the Zone, they become the catalyst for all business improvement and transformation.

Solutions Become Clear

In the Zone, you immediately come face to face with the brutal facts of why your organization isn't all it can be. You will see specific things you can do now to solve business problems, improve business processes, fuel growth, and plan for the future. You will discover how to leverage your passion to become the obvious best choice of your target customers.

In the Zone, you will be open to a flood of brilliant ideas. You will set priorities and concentrate single-mindedly on one thing at a time, producing an abundance of innovative solutions in a very short period. Your desire to take action on these new ideas will become urgent. Your energy will escalate as you achieve mission critical goals and objectives. You will thrill as things seem to fall into place like never before.  

In the Zone, you will be at the height of your effectiveness and value to the business. You will bring a revitalized spirit to your organization. Your employees will catch on fire. Your customers will take notice. The more time you spend in the Zone, the faster your company will reach optimum performance levels, and you will achieve a culture of excellence.

Get Started Today

Remember, your constant burn of physical and emotional energy at the business leaves little energy for the mental and creative tasks required to work on the business. Get away now. Find a quiet place, perhaps at home, with a computer, and behind a closed door. The best time to enter the Zone is early morning when all energy levels are up and when inspiration and creativity seem to flow. Spend two hours if you can. You will likely start with some time constraints. Don't worry. Your time in the Zone will increase as your business transforms. You will eventually want to spend at least 25% of your working-time in this magical place.

Begin by eliminating some of the personal constraints you bring to the business. Then identify one or two or your greatest business challenges or frustrations. Study any financial data or information you have. Write down what you want the desired results to be. Read a book or two from about marketing, customer service, employee motivation—whatever your challenge is. Ponder and brainstorm potential solutions. Talk to other experts or your valued employees.  

Once you identify a specific purpose, ideas will flow 24/7; get a notebook to write them down. Then begin to create a process, procedure or system that will eliminate the problem. When you get that system done, start on the next challenge (constraint). Keep going and you will be amazed at what happens. You and your business will go through a remarkable change.

I have been working in the Zone now for a number of years. It is where I do my best thinking; it is where the Box Theory™ Way emerged.

When my adult children call home, they often ask, "Dad, are you in the Zone?" If I say "Yes," they say, "OK, I'll talk to you later." I usually reply, "That's alright, go ahead." Of course, I love my children, and they are more important than anything I am doing, but I must admit, it takes a bit of effort to get my head back in the Zone again.  

Please trust me. The Zone is a special place where extraordinary things happen. The sooner you discover it, the sooner you will reap the innumerable benefits! And the best place to start is by creating your business blueprint.

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