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Customer Service: Best Practices for an Awesome Customer Care System!

Posted byRon Carroll

Customer service—sometimes referred to as customer care—is one of the most important business processes within your organization. Its purpose is to help customers have a great buying experience so they will come again, refer their friends, and perhaps even become evangelists in the social universe. If you desire outstanding customer service, please read on.

Excellent Customer Service

Two Dimensions of Customer Service

There are two important dimensions of customer service. The personal dimension deals with how service providers interact with customers. Good customer-service workers are cheerful and positive, enjoy working with and for people, and have a knack for putting the customer at "center stage." They view themselves primarily as human relations professionals.

The procedural dimension of customer service consists of established business systems and processes to deliver products and/or services. As with every good business system, it is important to begin with an understanding of the laws, principles, and best practices that govern the outcome of that system.

For example, to create an exceptional customer-care system, first consider the four things every customer demands from your business. Add to this the principles and best practices contained in the slide presentation below.

Managing Customer Service

In the following slide presentation, "Managing Customer Service," you will learn such things as:

  • Five elements of quality service
  • The components of an outstanding service culture
  • Three key skills employees must have to provide quality customer service
  • The six C's of giving good information to customers
  • How to be a good listener
  • Understanding customer needs and how to address them
  • Four styles of customer behavior you should know how to deal with
  • Responding positively to unhappy customers and service breakdowns

Best Practices for Your Customer Service System

I highly recommend you watch this entire presentation. Show it to your customer-service employees or in a business improvement workshop. Discuss the principles. Then incorporate them into your company's customer-service system. Soon you will have a customer-care culture of excellence.


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