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10 Easy Steps to Grow the Perfect Business

Posted byRon Carroll

"10 Easy Steps to Grow the Perfect Business"

An Entrepreneur’s Guide

By Ron Carroll

Whether launching a business startup or running a mature company, every entrepreneur should become a student of business and continually strive to discover and apply proven principles for success. There are thousands of books written by business experts that can inform and inspire. This ebook is brief, but packed with many rock-solid principles derived from personal study and forty years of hands-on experience. If you take each chapter to heart and apply the principles discussed, you will become an exceptional business leader and grow a remarkable and prosperous organization!


                        Preface:                 Hats Off to the Entrepreneur

                        Step 1:                  Get Off the Treadmill and Into the “Zone”

                        Step 2:                  Blueprint Your Business

                        Step 3:                  Systemize Everything

                        Step 4:                  Manage by the Numbers

                        Step 5:                  Become an Obsessed Marketer

                        Step 6:                  Differentiate or Die

                        Step 7:                  Convert with “Killer Customer Care”

                        Step 8:                  Get the Right People

                        Step 9:                  Turn Your Business Into a Game and Keep Score

                        Step 10:                Pay the Price  (Plus a Recommended Step 11)

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