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8 Characteristics of Good Business Systems!

Posted byRon Carroll

How do you know when you have good business systems such as lead generation, customer care, hiring, order fulfillment, and many others unique to your organization?

Well, the best answer to that question is whether your business systems are hitting their mark, whether they're getting the intended results. Stakeholders, customers, and employees are also feeling pretty good about your operation. And, you don’t kick the dog when you go home at night. But let’s be a little more specific.

Good Business Systems Hit the Mark

Hitting the Target

Does your business system or process include the following eight characteristics?

  1. The system is designed with the customer in mind. (Does this system help turn your customers into loyal fans?)

  2. The system represents your best-known way of doing something. (Be honest. Is this the best you can do, or could you make the process better?)

  3. The system has one primary purpose. (What is the single objective of this business system, and does it help you accomplish your company objectives?)

  4. The system has an owner. (Who is accountable for, and reports on system results?)

  5. The system is as simple as possible, documented, understood by workers, and repeatable. (Is your system in writing? Are your people motivated and capable?)

  6. The system has performance standards, and results are measured. (Improvement requires measurement. Are you "managing by the numbers"?)

  7. Workers get ongoing feedback about system performance and are recognized for good results. (The more frequently people get feedback, the better they perform. Do you celebrate victories?)

  8. There is a sufficient focus on system details to eliminate most bottlenecks, inefficiencies, waste, and rework. (Every process has waste. Have you reduced it to a minimum?)

Never Stop Improving

Your small business can become a great business if you have a never-ending desire to improve. Do you have the will, the pig-headed determination to create business systems and processes with the characteristics described above?

You’ll know you have arrived after you go on a month-long vacation and find the business running smoothly when you return? Now, that's a goal worth working towards! Wouldn't you agree?

Polish one or two systems at a time. Before you know it, your whole business will shine. And keep in mind, Box Theory™ Software will enable you to create exceptional business systems and processes with all eight of the essential characteristics—AND IN HALF THE TIME. Let's get going!


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