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The Two Critical Purposes of Your Business Systems!

Posted byRon Carroll

Many people believe that creating business systems means getting organized and doing things in a methodical way. If you believe this, well, you're right... sort of. However, you are probably not yet a converted, transformed, and even obsessed Systems Thinker. You're still looking at systems like most of the world. If you want to tap into the real power of effective business systems and processes, then you need to see them through a different lens.

Systmes Thinker Lens

Let's take a look at the TWO critical purposes of your operational systems.

Critical Purpose 1: Create Loyal Customers

First, business systems exist to help you find and keep customers. They do this by making you:

  • Better than the competition (You have fewer mistakes, defects, and disappointments that turn customers away.)

  • Faster than the competition (You have better response time, and consistently meet schedules or deadlines.)

  • Cheaper than the competition (You're able to provide lower prices and more value, precisely because you are better and faster—the primary means of lowering cost).

Your well-run operation—with effective business systems and processes—will give you a competitive edge by attracting more customers and enabling you to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Your company will “stand out like a purple cow in a field of brown cows” (Seth Godin, Purple Cow). People would be crazy to buy from anyone else!

You become the best in Your target market because you have the BEST BUSINESS SYSTEMS!

Critical Purpose 2: Eliminate Defects and Delay

Second, business systems exist to squeeze waste out of your operations. They do this by helping you become:

  • Better than before (You have fewer mistakes, errors, and defects to throw away or rework—money down the drain.)

  • Faster than before (You have a less delay, downtime and inefficiencies that waste time—a costly and unrecoverable resource.)

  • Cheaper than before (Quality and speed reduce cost, making you more competitive and more profitable.)

Your well-run operationwith effective business systems and processeswill create a culture of discipline and excellence, where Results Rule! (Randy Pennington). Employees are happier, productivity increases, costs go down, and profit and cash flow are greatly improved.

You become exceedingly prosperous because you have REMARKABLE BUSINESS SYSTEMS!

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Did you notice that the two critical purposes of your business systems and processes are fulfilled in the same way? When you are better, faster and cheaper, everyone benefits—customers, employees and stakeholders.

Good business systems help you rise above the ordinary; they make you extraordinary! There is no other way!


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