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What Law Determines the Outcome of All Your Business Systems?

Posted byRon Carroll

Natural law governs everything you do in your business, whether you realize it or not. Recognition and obedience to law improve your chances of success while disobedience hinders progress. Even if you violate a law unknowingly or unintentionally, there is a price to pay in frustration, underachievement, and even failure. You can’t escape the consequences!

The Law of Cause and Effect

One of the most fundamental of these laws is Cause and Effect. Everything happens for a reason; for every effect, there is a specific cause. Outcomes in a business organization, good or bad, are traceable to a series of identifiable causes. Change the cause and you change the effect, or result. 

In the Bible, this law is known as the Law of the Harvest. "For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. . ." (Galatians 6:7).

Law of the HarvestBusiness leader and author, Brian Tracy, teaches:

"The law [of Cause and Effect] says that achievement, wealth, happiness, prosperity, and business success are all the direct and indirect results of specific causes or actions. This simply means that if you can be clear about the effect or result you want, you can probably achieve it. You can study others who have achieved the same goal, and by doing what they did, you can get the same result" (The 100 Absolutely Unbreakable Laws of Business Success, 14).

Best Practices

We commonly refer to tried and proven business systems and processes as "best practices." They are currently the best-known way of doing something. When you follow them precisely, you can expect a consistent and predictable result. However, further innovation may reveal an even better way—a new best practice!

Whether you want additional sales leads, faster collection of receivables, more productive workers, higher-quality products, happier customers, and so forth, you need only examine the business system causing your current result. Then you must improve a step or component part of the system to get a better result.

As a Systems Thinker you are on a quest to learn and apply the laws, principles and best practices that govern your business activities. The Law of Cause and Effect is the basis for all your systems development, and the fundamental law upon which all business improvements are made.

If you want anything in your life or businesses to get better, you must first discover what system or process causes the current condition, and then elevate it to a higher level of performance. There is no other way!

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