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Most Small Business Owners Don't Get It!

Posted byRon Carroll

If small-business owners could learn this one principle, it would dramatically improve every aspect of their business. If they could do this one thing well, everything else would fall into place.


Because my antenna is up, I hear the word "systems" frequently used by business owners, news commentators, and in casual conversation. Everyone has a general idea of what a system is. Few people really understand what makes a good business system—one that gets predictable, desirable and measurable results.

Every business problem you have—every frustration you feel in your gut—you can trace to a weak, under-performing system or process. Is your profit margin too low? Do you have a lot of employee turnover? Do customers complain or even take their business elsewhere? Do you see waste of time or get aggravated with poor-quality work? Do you have insufficient sales? Or do you have trouble getting orders shipped fast enough?

Many business owners or managers think their problems come from people who don't perform well in their job. They often get angry, rant, and make unreasonable demands—trying somehow to force better performance. That never works for long.

The truth is this: most problems are not the fault of people but the result of faulty business systems or processes. It is YOUR responsibility to put good systems in place. If you read this blog and say, "I already understand the importance of systems," and afterwards do nothing further to develop this master skill, then you will be among the high percentage of business owners who never really get it, and likely go out of business.

In our challenging times, when every penny counts, it is imperative that you do one thing well—master the techniques and principles for creating effective business systems and processes that repeatedly deliver expected results. There is no other way!


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