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Make Money as a Box Theory™ Business Systems Advisor!

Posted byRon Carroll

Ron Carroll

A while back, I got an email from a subscriber to my weekly newsletter who is an employee of a construction company. Laura's rather lengthy, humorous, but distressing email began with the statement, "I can't take it any more!"  Laura continued: "I want to work for a company that has the beliefs you do. Is this possible? Are they out there? I guess what I am asking you is... Are there companies who actually have your way of thinking? I would love to find one."

During my years as an entrepreneur and small-business coach, I have discovered that many business owners and managers are often stressed, ineffective at getting consistently good results, and spend much of their day putting out fires. They need help to understand the underlying principles for developing a smooth-running and profitable company.

Quite frankly, every small to mid-size business would greatly benefit by implementing the Box Theory methodology and software—the laws, principles and best practices for creating high-performance business systems and processes.

If you've ever thought you might like to help others as a small business coach, you may want to consider becoming a Box Theory™ Business Systems Advisor.

As an Advisor, you will teach most of your clients powerful strategies and techniques they have never been exposed to before. You will help them experience dramatic improvements to their business operations. And, you will add great value to their business at a comparatively low cost. It's a win-win, and everybody makes money!

The tools and training are now available for you to become a business-operations expert and trusted advisor in a short period of time. And I will help you get started.

If you have a love for business, enjoy helping people succeed, and would like to earn money by teaching others the Master Skill, please take a look at our program for becoming a Box Theory Small Business Advisor. Most small to mid-size businesses need this valuable service, and YOU could be just the right person to provide it.

Plus, if you sign up now, I will throw in an extra software license beyond what the program currently indicates. That will put an extra $400 in your pocket. So, let me help you get started. Go now to: Box Theory Small Business Advisor. And be sure to send me an email if you have any questions.


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Is Box Theory™ Small Business Software Right for You?

Posted byRon Carroll

After reading my weekly newsletter-blog, or browsing my website, you may wonder if The Box Theory™ Way is right for you—whether you should make the leap. That’s a fair question, and I want you to take an informed investment decision.  So, let’s determine if Box Theory™ Software is a good fit with your organization.

Since 2004, and a cost of nearly half-million dollars, I have been on a personal mission to bring the business process management (BPM) strategies of Fortune 500 companies to the world of small business. These powerful methods are available in my unique software product, Box Theory™ Gold.

Box Theory Software Home Page

Box Theory™ small-business software will enable you to create an organization blueprint and then build high-performance business systems and processes to support the vision, strategy and goals of your organization. I have no doubt that one day most successful companies will be built upon these proven principles and techniques. Those that catch the vision early will have a significant advantage.

Do You Need Box Theory Software?

Now, ask yourself the following questions. Ponder each one carefully and determine how many apply to you. Keep in mind, they all point to a profound conclusion advanced by AT&T:  “Systems are the Solution.”

  1. Are you a small to medium-size business? Do you rely on the effective interaction of people and processes to produce high-quality goods and services, delivered fast, and at the lowest possible price?                

  2. Are you a person who cares about details and wants a smooth-running operation, even when you’re not around? Do you envision a results-oriented company with a culture of discipline and excellence, and where people love coming to work and perform at their very best?

  3. Is your business overly dependent on you, requiring constant hands-on involvement? Do you want to become an absentee owner, replicate your money-making operation in other markets, or create long-term value that will bring top-dollar when you decide to sell?

  4. Do you have a seat-of-the-pants operation with unnecessary mistakes, lost time and rework, where inefficiencies are costing you money and making it difficult to compete? Are you frustrated by disorganization, under-performing people, weak sales and growth, customer dissatisfaction, poor cash flow, or low profit margins? Would fixing broken business systems and processes put more money into the pocket of YOU and your stakeholders?

  5. Are you interested in learning powerful business management strategies used by Fortune 500 companies—the basics of Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, The Theory of Constraints, Balanced Scorecard, and SWOT Analysis? Would you be even more interested in a methodology—The Box Theory™ Way— that turns these often complex and expensive techniques into a simple and intuitive solution for busy owners on a budget?

  6. Are you a business start-up? Do you need to establish basic business systems and processes that enable you to impress customers right from the start? Are you anxious to become profitable in the shortest possible time?

  7. Is your company growing rapidly and causing you to lose control of operational details? Are you looking for the best way to manage expansion skillfully? Would upgrading business processes help you maintain high-quality products and services that keep customers happy and coming back for more?

  8. Finally, do you truly believe that effective business systems and processes are essential to your success? Do you have the will to commit time and resources, and to stick with it? Are you convinced that the financial benefits will far outweigh the costs, and that your result will be a superior business organization?

If you answered “yes” to some of the above questions, then spending a few hundred dollars is a no-brainer to get the results you are looking for. Yes, “Systems are the Solution.” And with a little effort, Box Theory™ Software can put thousands of dollars on your bottom line and into your pocket.

Good business systems put money in your pocket 

A System for Creating Your Business Systems

Box Theory™ small-business software is as effective at building systems and processes as QuickBooks is at accounting. It will take your “E-myth” systems (Michael Gerber) to the next level.

Box Theory™ Software will help you design, flowchart, organize, document, manage, store, and print everything pertaining to your business systems and processes. More importantly, the Box Theory™ methodology will guide your thinking to build a business in the proper way.

What could be better than a powerful software system for developing and maintaining your business systems?!

Learn how the experts perform this most fundamental of all business tasks. I call it the Master Skill, and Box Theory™ Software is the best and only tool of its kind to do the job!

If you think this product is a good fit for your organization, start now to build growth-producing, customer-pleasing, waste-removing, profit-generating business systems and processes that will blow your competition away!

AND REMEMBER, There is a no-risk, iron-clad, money-back guarantee! Every day you wait is probably costing more than the software, so decide which version and price is right for you, and let's get going!

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Create Powerful Business Systems with Box Theory™ Gold!

Posted byRon Carroll

There are a million business principles expounded upon in thousands of business books. However, there is only one way to put those principles into action, to turn principles into profit. Please read on.

As an entrepreneur of nearly fifty years, I have owned several businesses, including manufacturing, wholesale/retail distribution, technology, and financial services. I've managed business start-ups and helped failing companies become prosperous. Along the way, I became a Systems Thinker. It has vastly changed and improved everything I do—in business and in my personal life.

Early one morning, while pondering the vital role of systems, I was inspired with a concept now known as Box Theory. It is a simple statement with profound implications; I explain it fully in my eCourse, "Double Your Profit with High-Performance Business Systems and Processes." For now, think of it as viewing your organization through a new lens, one that exposes operational details to close examination, making problems transparent and solutions obvious. The more I work with Box Theory, the more elegant it becomes, as if God revealed one of his secrets for creating and managing the universe. I have not yet discovered its full potential!

Box TheoryTM Gold Software

The purpose of Box Theory is to help business owners dramatically increase customer loyalty, profitability, and growth by elevating the performance of their vital business systems and processes.

There is no doubt that the application of principles taught in my eCourse can put thousands of dollars in your pocket. Up until now, however, Box Theory was just another book of principles—powerful, jaw-dropping, life-changing, money-making principles—but only principles.

I am excited to announce that the principles of Box Theory are now incorporated into a software program that will vastly accelerate your business and system development activities. Box Theory Gold will change the way you view and run your business.


Box Theory Logo

Five Reasons to Get Box Theory Gold

Consider just five of the reasons for using this amazing software to lift your business to a new level:

  1. Identify and define every major business system and subsystem necessary to run your organization. Begin by developing or improving the business systems that provide the biggest financial payoff.

  2. Design, flowchart, organize, manage, record, store, and print everything pertaining to your systems and processes. This library of "the way we do things here" will be one of your most valuable assets, allowing you to replicate your business in new markets, sell it for top dollar, or let others run it for you.

  3. Maintain an Organization Blueprint—mission, values, strategy, goals, and structure—that serves as a foundation for building all your business systems. Align your system goals with the larger company goals; get people and systems pushing together to accomplish the vision of the organization.

  4. Track seven attributes of high-performance for each of your business systems. Apply improvement strategies used by Fortune 500 companies to reduce waste, increase speed, efficiency and quality, and properly measure system performance.

  5. Easily create powerful business systems and processes that will turn customers into raving fans, increase sales, improve profit and cash flow, and give you more control over business operations while freeing up personal time.

Box Theory Gold is a complete and indispensable tool; you will wonder how you ever got along without it! It is as important to system development as QuickBooks is to accounting. What could be better than a powerful software system for developing and maintaining your business systems and processes!

Don't just work IN your business; work ON your business (Michael Gerber, E-Myth Revisited). Get going today with the best-suited product on the market designed for this unique job—Box Theory Gold.

I know that effective business systems will provide the solutions you have been looking for. They are your building blocks for creating a remarkable organization. It's time to get going—to turn principles into profit with better business systems and processes. There is no other way, and there is no better tool for owners of small to mid-size businesses than Box Theory Gold software.


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Box Theory Gold – Revolutionary Small Business Software!

Posted byRon Carroll

Three things are true about starting and growing a business. Ignore them at your peril.

  1. Systems and processes are the building blocks of your business operation; how good they are will determine your company's success and profitability.

  2. Effective business systems are the solution to every obstacle you may face—too few customers, under-performing employees, waste and inefficiency, excessive costs, poor cash flow, weak sales growth, low profit margins, and daily frustration.

  3. YOUR primary task is to develop business systems and processes that will make your company exceptional, thus becoming the obvious first choice of your target market.

Many small-business owners have rudimentary systems and seat-of-the pants solutions—usually created by employees—that change as workers come and go. These low-grade systems are not documented, measured, or steadily improved. Weak and ineffective business systems and processes are the real reason that most small companies fail.

However, all that is about to change!

Box Theory Logo

Revolutionary Small Business Software

Box Theory™ Gold—innovative software for developing high-performance business systems and processes—is coming soon! At last, you will have a tool—a system—for efficiently performing your most important and valuable work.

Box Theory™ Gold is as important to system development as QuickBooks is to accounting. It will help you create, flowchart, organize, manage, store, and print everything pertaining to your business systems and processes.

Box Theory™ Gold will guide your systems thinking, improve your business development skills, and drastically reduce the time and cost of creating highly effective systems—systems and processes that will allow you to one day replicate your business in new markets, sell it for top dollar, or let others run for it you.

More Benefits of Box Theory™ Gold Software

When you work ON your business using Box Theory™ Gold software, the payoff is happy repeat customers, reduced waste and inefficiency, slashed costs, more productive and results-driven employees, and ultimately a big boost to profit, cash flow and growth. Effective systems build long-term value into your business, and they pay for themselves many times over!

Depending on the size of your company, good business systems will put thousands, tens-of-thousands or even hundreds-of-thousands of extra dollars in your pocket. No baloney!

I have been working on Box Theory™ Gold software for several years now, so you can imagine my excitement that the big moment has finally arrived. In the next few weeks, I will be making the product available to those who want to take it for a test-drive—NO COST. I would love to get your feelings and feedback, and root out any remaining bugs.

If you have read my eCourse, Box Theory™: Double Your Profit with High-Performance Business Systems and Processes, and would like to start building your business with Box Theory™ Gold software, at NO COST, you're at the top of my list. If you are a subscriber who has not read my eCourse, but would like to become more involved as a beta tester, I would also like to talk with you. Keep your eyes peeled for more information to come.


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