Box Theory Business Systems Academy.

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Mission and Purpose

The Box TheoryBusiness Systems Academy has the following three objectives:

  1. Teach the Box Theory Way™ (see below) – Help customers learn how to create high-performance business systems and processes by using the Box Theory™ methodology and software designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses.
  2. Create a Culture of Excellence – Help business owners and managers create a business culture of discipline and excellence that achieves maximum results even when the owner is not around. Furthermore, make it possible for owners to one day replicate their business in new markets, sell it for top dollar, or hire someone to run it for them.
  3. Fulfill the Box Theory™ Mission – Help customers dramatically increase customer loyalty, profitability, and growth by elevating the performance of their vital business systems and processes.

The Box Theory Way™

The Box Theory Way™ is a methodology that includes the following four elements:

  1. Box Theory™ Principles and Practices – A copyrighted method for systemizing and improving any organization, as described in the book, Box Theory™: Double Your Profit with High-Performance Business Systems and Processes, and in various blog articles, instruction videos, and email tips. The Box Theory Way™ includes creating an organization blueprint and building effective business systems and processes that focus on six elements—process, components, people, quality, speed, and measurement. It also incorporates Systems Thinking and basic principles of Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, and the Theory of Constraints. Completing specific action plans within the software will result in growth-producing, customer-pleasing, waste-removing, profit-generating business systems, and processes.
  2. Box Theory™ Software – A robust business software tool that incorporates the Box Theory™ methodology and is available in several editions, including the Silver Edition for business startups and companies with few employees, the Gold Edition, which has full functionality for established companies, and the Multi-Company Gold Edition.
  3. Online Box Theory Business Systems Academy – An online curriculum for business owners, managers, and employees to become proficient in the Box Theory™ method and software tools.
  4. Business Improvement Workshop – A weekly workshop held at a company, department, or team level to apply the Box Theory™ methodology to develop and improve business policies and operations.

Education Modules

The Box TheoryBusiness Systems Academy lesson modules listed below (and in the left column) will give you a thorough understanding of the Box Theory™ methodology and software. It is recommended that you go through the modules in the order listed. Some people prefer to first read the entire eCourse, Box Theory™: Double Your Profit with High-Performance Business Systems and Processes, and then do a quick review of the appropriate chapter(s) when studying the lesson material.