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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below really aren’t asked that frequently. However, I have listed some Q & A that might be helpful to you. Please email any other questions you may have to

Isn’t system building primarily for larger companies?
Many big companies use system improvement methodologies like Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, and the Theory of Constraints. The application of these techniques enables them to be more profitable and more responsive to customers. However, true principles apply to everyone. On a smaller scale, your business can profit in the same way. You, too, can use systems to cut costs and create loyal customers. System Thinking is highly beneficial to companies of all sizes.

Aren’t systems more appropriate to production and manfacturing processes?
We’ve all seen systems humming along in a manufacturing operation; we don’t as often think about systems in the office. However, your business is 100% systems–customer care, hiring, purchasing, accounting, custodial, and so forth. Principles of quality, efficiency, and measurement apply as much to the office as they do to a plant. The Law of Cause and Effect governs every business system and process, and your ultimate success! You will discover that your organization has dozens of systems that can be elevated immediately to higher levels of performance.

Who is the best customer for this product?
Any business owner can benefit from the ecourse and software; however, it is specifically designed for small and medium size organizations, perhaps up to 500 people. It will greatly benefit organizations that rely heavily on the interaction of people and processes, or where quality and speed are important, customer expectations are high, margins are tight, or growth causes frequent change.

If you care about details and like to do things right, if you value structure, discipline, and an organization that excels, if you want to create long-term value in your business and get the maximum return on your investment, Box Theory™ products are right for you. The course and software are powerful tools to start, grow, fix or franchise any business.

Is Box Theory™ a gimmick or “weird science”?
No. Box Theory™ is a unique way to look at the systems and processes that make up every organization. It is a simple and intuitive interface to the wonderful but often complex world of business process management (BPM), found in many larger companies. Box Theory™ is built upon tried and proven principles and can be applied to any type of organization.

Isn’t system building just another term for getting organized?
Becoming organized, and doing things in a systematic way, is always good. However, the real power of effective systems is in taking waste out of the business—eliminating defects and dela—by improving system quality and efficiency. Building well-designed business systems is a learned skill that goes beyond just getting organized. It is the most important business skill you can learn!

Does system development require a lot of time and money?
Creating effective systems can require a front-end cost and time commitment. However, the cost and time are much less than the waste, rework and loss of customers that result from not having good systems. Building effective business systems is highest use of your time and money. It is the most important thing your leaders and managers can do. Good systems pay for themselves many times over!

My business runs smoothly and without much waste. Can this product still help me?
Many companies run reasonably well. However, most business owners fail to see hidden waste, and miss abundant opportunities for improvement. Owners and managers often don’t know what they don’t know. Once you begin to see your business as a Systems Thinker, a new world of possibilities becomes apparent. You will discover many ways to improve, please customers, and put more money in your pocket!

Can I apply Box Theory™ eCourse principles or do I really need the software to benefit?
The power of this course is in the principles taught. Properly applied, they can earn you a lot of money. Box Theory™ Gold software will organize and apply the principles in half the time, so it is well worth it. You can build your house with a hammer or a power nail gun. Either way works.

What will the software do for me?
Box Theory™ Gold is as important to system development as QuickBooks is to accounting. It will help you create, flowchart, organize, document, manage, store, and print everything pertaining to your business systems and processes. More importantly, the Box Theory™ methodology will guide your thinking to build a business in the proper way. What could be better than a powerful software system for developing and maintaining your business systems!

Does Box Theory™ come with pre-designed systems?
No. Every business is unique and so are its processes. You will learn all of the principles—with examples—to create high-performance systems, but I am not going to deny you the fun of creating your own. At some future time, we expect to have an import/export feature that lets you incorporate pre-formatted templates for commonly used systems.

How difficult is it to develop good systems?
It’s easy if you know how, but it takes commitment. Box Theory™ makes the job of system development logical, straightforward, efficient, and fun. I hire local college students for a relatively low wage. Under my supervision, they do an excellent job. A reasonably sharp high-school student could do the same. Though not difficult, Box Theory™ and its supporting methodologies are an acquired skill.

How do you plan to give support to those who get onboard?
Everything that you need to know is contained within the ebook and software. In addition, you will have free access to the online Box Theory™ Business Systems Academy, a complete training course that guides you through powerful business principles, software video tutorials, real-world examples, and brainstorming worksheets. I hope you will also sign up for my weekly newsletter. Of course, free personal help is just an email or phone call away. I am very committed to the success of our customers!

Does the software run on a network?
Box Theory™ Gold is not yet networkable. However, this functionality is in our plans for the future. Currently, the software is a standalone product designed for a single user—business owner, manager or system development specialist. Once systems are designed, you can print, bind, and distribute “System Documents” to employees. We also provide additional free licenses that allow for multiple installations. The software contains exporting and importing tools for collaboration between users.

Does the software run on a Mac?
Box Theory™ products (eCourse and software) are designed to run on a personal computer (PC) within a Windows operating system. We have no immediate plans to have them run on MACs, phones, or most tablets; however, there are solutions available for running PC compatible software on a Mac computer. Any such solution would pay for itself in a very short time. I am sorry that we can’t be of further help at this time.