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Box Theory Software

About Box Theory Small-Business Software

Box Theory™ Gold will allow you to organize system-development and process-improvement activities based upon the Box Theory™ method. The software will save significant time and cost as you document and refine all aspects of your organization. Like QuickBooks for accounting, Box Theory™ Gold is a complete and indispensable tool for building business systems. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

The Box Theory™ Gold Edition includes advanced features for larger companies, while the Box Theory™ Silver Edition is designed for business startups and companies with few employees. They both run in a PC environment.

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What's Possible With Box Theory™ All-In-One Software for Creating Better Business Systems and Processes?

"Easy for early-stage businesses - Advanced tools for larger companies"

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Box Theory™ Gold Features and Benefits

100% of your business is made up of systems and processes. This software tool is designed to help you become an expert at creating smooth-running, customer-pleasing, waste-removing, profit-boosting business systems. The first system you create or improve will pay for the cost of the tool! Below are some of the specific things you can do with the software:

  • Identify and define every major system and subsystem necessary to run your organization. Begin by developing systems that are the easiest to implement and have the biggest payoff.
  • View your business activities, departments, and tasks across the organization and down through the lower-level systems and subsystems using a unique and intuitive navigation tool.
  • Easily create visual flowcharts for system procedures, and checklists for simple systems, that will enable workers to achieve consistent results.
  • Manage the people, teams, and component parts necessary to operate effective systems. Maintain a library of job descriptions, system documents, and templates for sharing and reuse.
  • Establish performance goals for each system and align them with the larger objectives of the organization; get people and systems pushing together to accomplish the company goals.
  • Organize, manage, and store everything pertaining to your systems and processes in a single database. This library of "the way we do things here" will be one of your most valuable assets, allowing you to replicate your business in new markets, sell it for top dollar, or let others run it for you.
  • Maintain an Organization Blueprint—mission, values, strategy, goals, and system framework—that serves as a foundation for building all of your business processes—a constant reference to keep everyone focused on the vision of your organization.
  • Track seven attributes of high-performance for each of your systems and subsystems. Use improvement strategies of Fortune 500 companies to reduce waste, increase speed and efficiency, and properly measure system performance.
  • With a mouse-click, access special worksheet aids, real-world examples, and the powerful principles taught in the Box Theory™ eCourse.
  • Print all or parts of your Organization Blueprint, system documents, or individual component documents—anything from your company library.

Box Theory™ Gold software can be used with any type of organization, and with an unlimited number of organizations. It is easy to install and easy to learn. It will become an essential tool in your business operation. Still undecided? Click to check out a page for more details.