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Box Theory™ Software Document Printing Wizard

Printing goes above and beyond in Box Theory™ Software. You can print any individual page or document as you normally would print with the document open, or from the “Print Current Page” option on the Main Menu.

You can also print an entire group of perfectly formatted documents such as the ten parts of your Organization Blueprint. What’s more, you can print a Systems Document with all its component parts such as the flowchart, checklist, policies, job descriptions, and measurement reports, as well as the documents you have created in Word or Excel—all with a single click on the “Print” button.

Because there are potentially many printable pages and documents within the software, you have two ways to narrow down the number of items you print in a Systems Document. When you create a flowchart, checklist, component document, or measurement report, you are given a checkbox to “Include in Printing.” When this box is left unchecked, your supporting, secondary, or incomplete documents will not be included in the System Document.

Secondly, when printing the multi-part Organization Blueprint or the Systems Document in the “Print” wizard on the Main Menu, press the “Document Options” button to select the specific documents that you want to include or exclude. Checked boxes will print; unchecked will not. Use the level-viewer to also include documents in the lower-level subsystems. With the print wizard, you can completely customize your major documents.

Note:  Sometimes you may want an individual document to start at the top of a new page in a larger System Document. If so, click on the check-box until a dark square fills the box. This tells the printer to start a document at the top of the next page.

You can use the “Show Preview” button to see how your complete document will look and make necessary adjustments before actually printing the entire document. This printing feature alone will save you hours of gathering, organizing, and collating documents. It is a powerful tool, designed to make your life easier.

Happy Printing!
Ron Carroll

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