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Box Theory™ Software is a Breakthrough Product!

“Let me explain a breakthrough. It’s when you find a method of doing something that dramatically accelerates your ability to accomplish your goals” (Chet Holmes, “The Ultimate Sales Machine”).

By this definition, Box Theory™ Software is a breakthrough product. I have created business systems with and without this amazing tool and have discovered that it does dramatically accelerate your ability to accomplish goals. In a fraction of the time you now spend, you can create customer-pleasing, waste-removing, profit-generating, and growth-producing business systems and processes that blow away the competition!

Box Theory™ Software does this in two primary ways. It focuses your thinking on the six essential elements of a good system—process, components, people, quality, speed, and measurement. You now have a software system that keeps you on track for creating effective business systems. And it is so easy, a low-cost student or assistant can do most of the work for you!

Secondly—and this is bigger than you may realize—the software enables you to organize, document, edit, collate, print, store, and retrieve all parts of your business systems in a snap.

In the old days, I spent half my time on formatting and organizing my work, and then finding things on my computer when I needed them. It was even more difficult to keep track of the documents my employees created, or to re-create a business system that was only in their head, and went with them when they left the company.

With Box Theory™ Software you can build smooth-running business systems or processes fast and right. A little devoted time every day will give you a fully documented business before you know it.

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Ron Carroll

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