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Box Theory™ Software Underlying File Structure

I thought it might be important for you to understand how Box Theory™ Software stores your personal component documents—Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, and so forth.

In order to organize your business—like it has never been organized before—we have developed a file structure within the software that keeps track of every document you create and the business system it is associated with. Your documents are created, stored, and retrieved using the Component Manager in the “Box Theory™ Systems” section.

However, your documents are also duplicated on your computer’s hard drive in th ecompany folder that was created at the time of installation. This is the same folder that contains your Box Theory™ company database, or .btg file (Box Theory™ Gold). 

If you chose the default at installation, you will find your company folder followed by (BTG) in “My Documents.” Here your component documents are organized by file type.

You will see folders such as Text, Spreadsheet, Graphic, Database, Pdf, Template, Other, and Temp. These folders only appear as you create documents that go into the specific file type. For example, if you never use Microsoft Access, the “Database” folder will not be listed.

Important Note: If you discontinue using to Box Theory™ Software, you have easy access to all the files you created within this program.

Box Theory™ Software regularly synchronizes your company database with the duplicate files on your hard drive. If you update a file in Word, for example, outside of Box Theory™ Software, the synchronization will update the file within the software the next time you open it.

If you lose a file on the hard drive, Box Theory™ Software will put it back during the synchronization. If you add a new file to your company folder, and Box Theory™ Software doesn’t know what system it belongs to, it will put the file in the Template Manager, and you can later move it to a specific system.

You don’t really have to worry about managing any of this; it all happens behind the scenes. Synchronization takes place when you open and close the software, and it checks at intervals while you are working.

It is a good habit to create and use your document files from within the software and to close open-documents before exiting the software. If you happen to exit the software and discover that you still have an open and unsaved document, just save it as usual. The synchronization process will update the file inside the software the next time you load it.

Keep in mind that if you create a document and save it somewhere on your hard drive other than in your company folder, it will not be known to Box Theory™ Software and not included in the synchronization process. Box Theory™ only knows what is in your company database (.btg) and your company folder (BTG) on the hard drive.

The name of your company, its file folder, and the database are always the same. Any renaming of the company inside the software will automatically rename the file folder and database.

If you don’t quite follow this explanation, don’t worry about it. Everything happens the way it should without special attention. All you need to know is that you have a copy on your hard drive of everything in your company database.

Enjoy the Journey!
Ron Carroll

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