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David Brydson

David Brydson – Best Fit Solutios

“I have been searching for software that could be used to map out business processes in a logical way for many years. Then I found Box Theory Gold.  I knew from the moment I saw it that that Box Theory Gold was exactly the kind software I was looking for.  It is simple enough for anyone to use, yet flexible enough to handle almost any type of business process mapping. So again:  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!”

Randy Pennington, “Results Rule!”

Randy Pennington

Processes create habits, and habits drive the culture. The creation and continuous refinement of work processes is a mandatory practice in the Results Rule! organization, regardless of the industry

Ron here…

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“I’ve spent 14 years at great cost to bring the powerful business-improvement principles used by large companies to the world of small-business. I am very proud of Box Theory™ Software and know that it can help you create a remarkable business! I invite you to give it a try and put me to the test.”


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Create smooth-running business systems and processes that enable ordinary people to get extraordinary results!

Process Flowchart Tool: Visualization of more complex systems and processes make them easier to design, understand, implement, and improve.

Describe your more complex business processes with a Flowchart for better clarity and understanding. This is often the best solution when you perform the steps of the process in a precise order and when processes have decision points with alternate paths.

  • The Flowchart Tool includes step-boxes, decision nodes, text boxes for annotations and descriptive information, and arrow-lines with optional text.
  • Choose a layout of landscape or portrait. Zoom in and out. Show or hide the background grid.
  • Print the flowchart as part of the System Document.

Process Flowchart Tool

System Checklist Tool: For many systems, a simple checklist with insure employee quality and consistency.

Produce a Checklist when there is no specific order in which the tasks need to be performed, or if you have a simple procedure with only one path and no decisions. A good Checklist is all that is needed for many business processes to avoid mistakes and rework.

  • Create a standard checklist that includes any descriptive information or guidelines for the person carrying out the task.
  • Give the checklist a custom name.
  • Add special instructions at the bottom of the checklist.
  • Print a checklist that includes subsystem checklists.

System Checklist Tool