Business Systems Produce Wealth.

“All Wealth is based upon systems!”

Four Big Ideas

(The Most Important Six Minutes You Will Spend Today)

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“All wealth is based upon systems” (Dan Kennedy, author and marketing coach).

Hi, I’m Ron Carroll, and in the next few minutes I would like to tell you how you can get off the treadmill and turn your business into a system that runs itself, even when you’re not around.

Create Remarkable Business Systems

I’m going to begin by first helping you become a Systems Thinker and then an expert at developing your own results-getting, even remarkable, business systems.

Pretty much every small business authority on the planet agrees that good systems and processes are essential to success. But I’m going to take you past a basic understanding to, as Buzz Lightyear says, “infinity and beyond,” or at least to a place you’ve never been before.

Let me give you my own quote. I’m not sure that’s legal, but anyway, “Becoming an expert at developing effective business systems will put more money in your pocket than anything else you can do. Period!”

Now, just so you know, everything I do is a system with a purpose. So this video is part of a web page system designed to persuade you in the next few minutes to take a chance on me, and complete the form on this page to download some pretty eye-opening information—things you’ve probably never heard before. I think it will make you say, WOW!  And by the way, it’s all free, of course!

Since 2004, and a cost of, well, let’s just say a whole lot, I have been on a personal mission to bring a powerful business practice found in larger Fortune-500-type companies to the world of small and mid-sized businesses.  It’s known as business process management or BPM, but don’t worry about that big fancy term, because I’ve made everything easy for us regular folks to talk about. But be assured, it’s a treasure chest of ways to make your business shine.

So now, let me quickly share with you four really big ideas.

Big Idea #1

Systems are the essential building blocks of your organization—the better your systems the better your business.

Those systems encompass every business function such as lead generation, customer care, hiring, order-fulfillment, and many others unique to your company. Their primary purpose is to help you find and keep customers, eliminate inefficiency and waste, and make you stand out in your target market like “a purple cow in a field of brown cows” (Seth Godin). Systems are the ballgame and your business will prosper to the degree you become an expert at creating them.

Big Idea #2

Systems Thinking will empower you to see the world and your business in a profoundly different way —I’m telling you, it will raise your business I.Q. by 80 points, OVERNIGHT!

As a Systems Thinker, you will get a vividly clear view of the “nuts and bolts” of your operation—what’s working and what’s not. Seeing through the lens of Systems Thinking, which I will teach you, magnifies the details of your business, revealing the root-cause of problems and clear, even obvious, solutions.

Look, when you begin Systems Thinking, you’re going to have an Ah-Ha! Moment. From that point on, you’ll never look at your business the same way again. My wife says I’m obsessed with it, and she’s probably right, but you’ll soon understand why.

Big Idea #3

Creating high-performance business systems is the Master Skill of the entrepreneur—no other endeavor will remove more frustration, problems, and pain, or put more money in your pocket.

Good systems are the solution to all your operational problems—dissatisfied customers, underperforming employees, waste and inefficiency, weak sales growth, poor cash flow, and low profit margins. Whether in the workshop or the office, you can manage and improve your systems by applying correct principles.

Now, I’m going to make a bold statement here. The ability to create effective business systems is the most important skill you can have; every business function—marketing, finance, and operations—is subject to it. And the real value of your business comes when your systems consistently get good results—when they make you money day-in and day-out, even when you’re not around.

Big Idea #4

OK, I have to admit, there’s a little self-interest in the final Big Idea, so bear with me.  The Box Theory™ Way is a ground-breaking “system“ for you to create growth-producing, customer-pleasing, waste-removing, profit-boosting business systems. Just imagine having a business culture of discipline and excellence that runs on autopilot.

The Box Theory™ Way is a method that breaks your business functions down to manageable systems or “boxes.” You know, like how do you eat an elephant, one bite at a time. Kind of like that. Anyway, I’m dying to tell you about it but there really isn’t enough time right now. Just know that the method is easy, intuitive, and actually even fun, and it includes those amazing business process management (BPM) principles we talked about earlier. (Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, Theory of Constraints)

Even better, The Box Theory™ Way is part of a ground-breaking software tool that empowers you to design, create, manage, document, store and print everything pertaining to your business systems— sort of like a QuickBooks, but for systems. Let me repeat, Box Theory™ was specifically made for owners and managers of small to mid-sized businesses.

Now ,if you’ve learned anything in the last few minutes, and would like to learn a whole lot more, go ahead and fill out the form on this page to get my free information. The principles you learn from this free material alone can put hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Work in an Extraordinary Manner

Recently, I was in the lobby of a hospital waiting for a grandchild to be born. I spotted a large sign on the wall that said: “The major work of the world is not done by geniuses. It is done by ordinary people who have learned to work in an extraordinary manner” (American Fork Hospital, 3/29/2008).

Well, most of us are not geniuses, at least I’m not, and much of what we do is pretty ordinary. However, learning the art and science of Systems Thinking and how to build effective business systems will enable you to “work in an extraordinary manner.” And I repeat, it will get you off the treadmill and put more money in your pocket than anything else you can do.

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This is your lucky day. By filling out the form below you will get my software and eCourse for developing high-performance business systems and processes. These products are absolutely free—my gift to you. I hope you enjoy. (Ron Carroll)

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