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The Box TheoryBusiness Systems Academy is an online curriculum for business owners and managers to become proficient in the Box Theory™ method for creating better business systems and processes (software purchase required). It has three primary objectives:

  1. Teach the Box Theory Way™ – Help you learn how to create high-performance business systems and processes by using the Box Theory™ methodology and software designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses.
  2. Create a Culture of Excellence – Help you create a business culture of discipline and excellence that achieves maximum results even when you’re not around. Furthermore, make it possible for you to one day replicate your business in new markets, sell it for top dollar, or hire someone to run it for you.
  3. Fulfill the Box Theory™ Mission – Help you dramatically increase your customer loyalty, profitability and growth by elevating the performance of your vital business systems and processes.

What You’ll Learn to Do

  • You will Learn: The Box Theory Way™—how to create an organization blueprint and build high-performance business systems and processes that support the vision, strategy and goals of your organization.
  • You will Learn: if a business startup, how to build a business the right way with effective business systems, impressing customers from opening day, and producing your first profit in the shortest possible time.
  • You will Learn: how to produce high-quality goods and services, delivered fast, and at the lowest possible price by focusing on six essential elements—process, components, people, quality, speed and measurement.
  • You will Learn: how to create an operation that runs smoothly and gets top results—one that pleases customers, provides employees a great place to work, and puts more money in the pocket of you and your stakeholders.
  • You will Learn: how to eliminate unnecessary mistakes, lost time and rework, inefficiencies, under-performing people, customer dissatisfaction, poor cash flow, low profit margins, and every other frustration and profit thief.
  • You will Learn: with the Box Theory™ Software tool, how to design, create, organize, document, manage, store, and print everything pertaining to your business systems and processes—and how to do it in half the time!
  • You will Learn: Systems Thinking, and how to implement powerful business management strategies used by Fortune 500 companies—the basics of Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, the Theory of Constraints, Balanced Scorecard, and SWOT Analysis.
  • You will Learn: how you can become an effective absentee owner, replicate your money-making operation in other markets, or create long-term value that will bring top-dollar when you decide to sell your company.

What’s In the Course

Course materials include: the ebook, Box Theory™: Double Your Profit with High-Performance Business Systems and Processes, instructional videos for leaning the software, and enrichment articles, information and tips for broadening your understanding of business systems and processes.

The Box Theory™ Business Systems Academy lesson modules listed below will give you a thorough understanding of the Box Theory™ methodology and software.

  • Module 1: Getting Started
  • Module 2: Your Organization Blueprint
  • Module 3: The Box Theory Way™
  • Module 4: Your First Box Theory™ Business System
  • Module 5: Lead Boldly

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