Identify and prioritize the systems and processes that will help you realize the goals of your organization!

Organization Chart:
Show how all major business activites fit together to define your unique company structure.

Create an Organization Chart, the most fundamental business system, and the framework upon which your business is built. All your company systems and processes cascade down through this organization framework.

  • Graphically represent the operational structure, leadership, and relationships within your company.
  • Produce unlimited Org Charts for your company, departments, or for multiple locations.
  • Create Org Charts from scratch or easily modify one of the provided templates.
  • Add annotations and descriptions with re-sizeable and moveable text boxes.



Business Systems Framework: Identitfy the building blocks of your organization—its systems and subsystems. Priortize system-development work for the biggest and fastest payoff.

See all of your business systems and manage them from the System Framework area of the software.

  • Add the names of your top-level business systems (e.g. Marketing and Sales, Operations, Finance, etc.) and subsystems (e.g. Lead Generation, Customer Service, Accounting, etc.) down through your oganization. Or, easier yet, choose from a list of dozens of common system names.
  • Apply a simple scoring system to determine which business systems are your highest priority to create or improve, and will produce an immediate financial payoff.
  • Associate up to seven "high-performance attributes" to a business system, indicating the progress made at optimize it.

System Framework Tool


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