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Wade Carpenter

Wade Carpenter – CPA Carpenter & Company

“As an avid believer in Michael Gerber’s book, The E-myth, I started my CPA firm with the belief that everything in business should be systematized.  I created numerous checklists and procedure documents over several years.  Major problems I faced were determining what to do first, how to organize it in a consistent manner and how to provide it to my employees in a way they could understand. Box Theory software solved my problem.”

Ron here…

Ron Carroll

“I’ve spent 14 years at great cost to bring the powerful business-improvement principles used by large companies to the world of small-business. I am very proud of Box Theory™ Software and know that it can help you create a remarkable business! I invite you to give it a try and put me to the test.”


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Identify and prioritize the systems and processes that will help you realize the goals of your organization!

Organization Chart: Show how all major business activities fit together to define your unique company structure.

  • Graphically represent the operational structure, leadership, and relationships within your company.
  • Produce unlimited Org Charts for your company, departments, or for multiple locations.
  • Create Org Charts from scratch or easily modify one of the provided templates.
  • Add annotations and descriptions with re-sizeable and moveable text boxes.


Business Systems Framework: Identify the building blocks of your organization—its systems and subsystems. Prioritize system-development work for the biggest and fastest payoff.

See all of your business systems and manage them from the System Framework area of the software.

  • Add the names of your top-level business systems (e.g. Marketing and Sales, Operations, Finance, etc.) and subsystems (e.g. Lead Generation, Customer Service, Accounting, etc.) down through your oganization. Or, easier yet, choose from a list of dozens of common system names.
  • Apply a simple scoring system to determine which business systems are your highest priority to create or improve, and will produce an immediate financial payoff.
  • Associate up to seven “high-performance attributes” to a business system, indicating the progress made at optimize it.

System Framework Tool