Fast-Start Coaching to Learn the Master Skill—How to Create Effective Business Systems and Processes

During the coaching period you will:

  • Receive The Box Theory™ Gold Multi-Company software, the eCourse, "Double Your Profit with High-Performance Systems and Processes," and permanent access to the Box Theory™ Business Systems Academy.

  • Participate in an initial phone call to talk about your unique business and specific challenges, and come up with a  game plan for our future coaching sessions.

  • Create a complete Organization Blueprint within the Box Theory™ Software—10 Foundational Steps.

  • Develop or refine one of your high-priority business systems that will quickly pay back the cost of the Box Theory™ Software and at least ten times the cost within the first year.

  • Become a Systems Thinker, skilled at creating growth-producing, customer-pleasing, waste-removing, profit-boosting business systems and processes.

This coaching program—with software—is the best value of all the Box Theory™ products. I hope you choose to go with it.

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