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Develop the Master Skill

By now, or soon, you will have read why I believe system building is the Master Skill of business owners and managers (eCourse Chapter 4: “The Solution”). A person who learns this one skill, and becomes a true Systems Thinker, sees the world in a profoundly different way. This skill will give you the same thrill and sense of power you felt the first time you successfully rode a bicycle. It’s hard to explain, but you’ll recognize the feeling when it comes.

The Box Theory™ Business Systems Academy is intended to help you first learn principles, and then apply them within the software. Your knowledge and skill will grow incrementally over a few weeks’ time. You could say it’s my “system” for helping you learn how to build and improve YOUR business systems. As with all systems, it’s not perfect, and I welcome any suggestions to improve it.

Go through the course at whatever speed makes sense for you, but a word of caution. If you work too slow or sporadically, or try to squeeze the course in during your busy day, you will likely have a “system breakdown” and fail. If you rush through the course, you will deprive yourself of the inspiration that comes as you carefully ponder and apply the principles to your unique organization. Be steady and make progress each day. Your momentum will build in time.

I believe that what you are learning is something special, not because I wrote the book or developed the software, but because the principles are TRUE. If you stick with it, they will profoundly influence your business and perhaps your personal life.

See You in The Zone!
Ron Carroll

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