Software Tips.

Did You Know…

There are a lot of rich features throughout Box Theory™ Software you may not discover for a while. In this tip, I want to share a few with you.

Did you know…

… you can export and import all or part of an Organization Blueprint or a System Document to and from another software user (Main-Menu > File or System Framework > right-click on a system).

… your software automatically keeps multiple dated back-up files (Main-Menu > File > Administration > Backup/Restore).

… you can choose an English or Spanish spell-checker, turn the spell-checker on or off, and even turn it off only in the Notes area to avoid excessive red-underlines where writing is less formal (Main-Menu > File > Administration > Preferences).

… you can create Bookmarks for instant access to any pages in the software (Main-Menu > Find > Create Bookmark).

… you can easily include or exclude supporting documents when printing the Organization Blueprint or a System Document (Main-Menu > Print > Document Options).

… you can duplicate or move a System/box with all of its component parts to any location in your company’s system structure (Main-Menu > System Framework).

… you can quickly add system components when you are creating a Flowchart or Checklist—an important shortcut and best practice (Main-Menu >Box Theory Systems > Flowchart/Checklist).

… you can move a step on a Checklist by clicking on the left-side text box and dragging it to a new location. The step number will change accordingly (Main-Menu > Box Theory Systems > Checklist). On many lists, you can also click and drag line items up or down to re-position them on the list in a more preferred order (e.g., documents).

… you can import and export your Word, Excel, PDF, and other system documents, and link to external documents on your hard drive and to the cloud—all of which can be opened from within the software (Main-Menu > Box Theory Systems > Components>Documents).

… you can save any document as a template for later use from within the Template Manager (see the button on the Home Page and Component Document Page).

… you can print blank data-collection forms to use on-site for gathering data that is later entered and analyzed in Box Theory™ Software (see Pareto Analysis, Value-Stream Analysis, System Measurement Reports).

… you can create System Measurement reports in a snap with the Measurement Report Wizard (Main-Menu > Box Theory Systems > Measurements > Measurement Report Wizard).

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the software.

Thank You,
Ron Carroll

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