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Let’s Set Up a Coaching Session!

Now that you’ve had a few days to get started with the Box Theory™ eCourse and software, I think it is time for me to give you a little additional orientation and coaching.

It is my goal that you become a skilled and successful system developer. I want you to feel that getting involved with Box Theory™ is one of the best business decisions you have made. I also want you to have the support you need to get off to a good start.

So, when you are ready for a little coaching, please send me an email or just reply to this email and answer the following questions:

What country or state do you live in and what is the time zone?
What is the best phone number to call if in the U.S. or Canada?
When is the best time of day to call?

After receiving this information, I will contact you by email to set up the exact details of our coaching session.

Going Forward

Any time during your Box Theory™ Business Systems Academy training, I want you to feel free to send me an email if you have questions about the software or your business. I will make arrangements to call you back at an agreed date and time.

I am not an expert at everything, and I probably don’t know much about your business; however, I’ve been around the block a few times. I’ve consulted with many small-business owners over the years and rescued a few. I do know how business systems and processes work and can probably give you some worthwhile ideas.

So, email me anytime at:

I’ll be waiting to hear from you!
Ron Carroll

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