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Expect a Big Payoff

I recently talked with a business coach from Washington. He is a true Systems Thinker and teaches this principle to his students. Daryl got into coaching after selling his video rental store for a nice profit. He was able to do that after systemizing it so well that his employees could run the store without him. It took several years to refine all the systems, but it was worth it!

You, too, can expect a big payoff with your Box Theory™ business! And the larger your company, the bigger the payoff will be.

Customers will be impressed with your no-nonsense approach to giving them exactly what they want and expect—delivering on your promise.

Employees will like working in your clean, organized, and smooth-running business operation—where frustration is at a minimum.

Shareholders (YOU) will love it when you show a healthy profit each month—a nice return on investment.

All these things happen when your business systems are carefully designed, fast and efficient, avoid costly mistakes and rework, and when you create a “Results-Rule!” culture (Randy Pennington).

There is no better use of a business owner’s time than overseeing the development of vital business systems and processes.

Keep going with the Box Theory™ Business Systems Academy. Don’t give up. Expect a dramatic payoff. It takes some work, but it will happen!

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