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Exporting and Importing a System/box

Recently, I created a sample flowchart in my Box Theory™ Gold software to help a customer with one of his lead generation systems called “Valpak Advertising.” After completing the flowchart, I went to the System Framework from the main menu and located the system. I then right-clicked and selected “Export System/box” from the drop-down menu. A file was created with the system name and a “.box” extension, which I saved to my hard drive.

I emailed the Valpak file to the customer as an attachment. He saved it to his hard drive, went to the System Framework, right-clicked on the Lead Generation System, and selected “Import System/box.”

In this way, I was able to send the customer a copy of my sample flowchart.

In fact, I can share all the components of a specific system—flowchart, checklist, component documents, measurement reports, and so forth—using the export and import functionally. All subsystem components of the System/box I select are also included.

This is a great feature for collaborating with others inside or outside your organization. One day I hope our community will be sharing their successful systems.

Oh, and by the way, you can also export and import your Organization Blueprint (except System Framework) from the “File” area of the Main Menu.

Let me know of other features you would like to see.
Ron Carroll

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