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I just retired and want to give back to my business friends.
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  1. Box Theory Gold Software – Multi-Company Version (With this all-in-one software you can plan, create, document  manage, store, and print everything pertaining to your business systems and processes.)
  2. Box Theory™: Double Your Prophet with High-Performance Busines Systems and Processes (This several-hundred page book contains remarkable principles, examples, and strategies for building effective business systems and processes—the essential building blocks of every successful and profitable enterprise. Learn the power of Systems Thinking to reduce problems, inefficiency, and frustration, while dramatically improving customer loyalty, profitability, and growth.)
  3. “10 Values of a Systems Thinker” (A one-page pdf that will instantly change the way you look at your business.)
  4. “Better Systems – Better Business” (An eleven-page pdf ebook describing, among other things, the six major elements that make up great business systems.)
  5. “Business Systems 101, Become a Systems Thinker” (A seventeen-minute webinar that drills down into some amazing insights and the many rewards of Systems Thinking. You really do need to watch this, and maybe show it to your employees.)
  6. 10-Day Mini-Course, “Fast Start to Systems Thinking” (Now a pdf with 10 strategies you can immediately apply to your business. Acting on this information alone will boost your business productivity and performance dramatically.)
  7. Weekly Newsletter/Blog (Now a pdf containing nearly 200 articles on how to use systems to improve your business and make more money.)
There really is a lot of great information to go along with the software. So, please complete the form. This will be one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made (ESPECIALLY NOW THAT YOUR ARE GETTING EVERYTHING FOR FREE)

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Ron CarrollRon Carroll

It’s time for me to focus on other things. Many hours and dollars have gone into my software and written materials over the last fourteen years. Now it’s time to give back. This is not a gimmick. There is nothing to buy. I give it all to you for free. If you use the software and apply the principles, you can create a remarkable company. Have fun!

Comments from customers who paid for the products…

“SERIOUSLY!!!! The “Systems Way of Thinking” and the Box Theory software is the BEST BUSINESS DECISION I’ve ever made! (Khalidi Lawson, New York App Designers).

“My goodness, how far our company has come since we started using your system and software!” (Roger I., wedding receptions and banquets).

“There is something magical about the Box Theory Way once you get it! Brilliant, amazing, must have!” (Muroro Dziruni, SAMSA, South Africa)

“I have to say that this ebook is in the top 5 books I have ever read, and I read A LOT of books. Thanks for sharing your wisdom” (Geoff R., Athletic Performance).

“ron your 10-day mini-course is just superb and a real eye opener on the importance of systems. i read them again and again and each time i gain a new insight” (rajesh r.).

“Your software has given my business the ability to take Quantum Leaps that otherwise may have taken another lifetime to hammer out.” (Mark F., serving people with developmental disabilities).