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Have You Discovered Box Theory™ Software Worksheets?

I hope by now that you spend time every day in The Zone. Working on the business is the most valuable use of your time and essential to your long-term success. There are many things you can do during this quiet time. For example, you can study the experts, review your leading and lagging business indicators, update your Organization Blueprint, and create or refine your business systems and processes.

Today, I would like to mention the worksheets found in Box Theory™ Software. These aids will enrich your experience while in The Zone.

The “Worksheets” tab at the bottom of the task window is active in those areas of the software that a worksheet is available. Worksheets are designed to stimulate your thinking and help you prepare for completing the “Action Plan.” In some cases, the Worksheet is a tool for developing supplemental information such as a budget or an employee survey.

Here are the things you can do with Worksheets:

  • Complete a “5-Whys” exercise to zero in on your Mission Statement.
  • Brainstorm your personal and organizational values.
  • Create a vision of what your future business will look like.
  • Define your ideal/target customer.
  • Create an employee survey to determine valued workplace characteristics.
  • Answer questions that reveal your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Uncover your best business strategies.
  • Convert your business problems into objectives.
  • Prepare a system budget.
  • Uncover quality problems using a 5-Whys Analysis.

These Worksheets will lay the groundwork for some of the most important work you do in The Zone, and in Box Theory™ Software. All successful endeavors begin in the mind, and this is a good place to let your mind run wild.

See You in The Zone!
Ron Carroll

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