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Have You had a Breakthrough Yet?

With every skill comes a moment of breakthrough—when the task is suddenly easy, and you can perform it at will. Do you remember the first time you could balance on a bicycle and ride anywhere you wanted? It felt great, didn’t it?

My son spent two years in Argentina. There was a moment when he stopped worrying about his Spanish. He could suddenly understand and speak Spanish without thinking about the words. He had a breakthrough.

Like looking at a grandfather clock with its springs and gears exposed through the glass, the converted Systems Thinker suddenly sees all the systems and subsystems at work in the business. He or she notices when component parts are broken when things aren’t humming along as usual. Systems Thinkers are not only aware of what needs to be fixed, but they know exactly how to fix it.

I have seen numerous people have this breakthrough. It is exhilarating for them and for me. At the moment of breakthrough, I know the person is ready to tackle new projects with confidence. It’s hard to explain, but they become somewhat of an “expert” at everything. They are able to find solutions in a newly discovered and systematic way. They get it!

If you haven’t had the Box Theory™ breakthrough yet, keep going. It will come. I promise! And when it does, send me an email and let me know. I love to celebrate victories with my customers and friends.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Ron Carroll

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