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Cleanliness, Organization, Order—Three Qualities of Effective Business Systems!

Cluttered Office

No matter what kind of business you have, your customer service experience starts with a clean establishment, inside and out. Cleanliness also increases employee morale, safety, and productivity. The truth is that cleanliness and order pay off in a variety of ways.

Get organized. Clean up the clutter. Weed the flowerbeds. Set standards and expectations that everyone can follow. Make Your Business Shine! It’s just good business.

See this article to learn the 5 S’s of Japanese Lean Thinking. You can take these suggestions to the bank!

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I Only Have to Be Asked Once!


Wouldn’t you agree that a person with good follow-through is an asset to your organization? In this article (pdf) you will learn how to get everyone in your company to excel at this important skill. I recommend you have your employees read the article and discuss it with them. Make exceptional follow-through a part of your company culture. Your customers–and everyone else–will love you for it!

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Do You Ask Enough Good Questions?

When you meet with customers or staff, one of the best things you can do is ask questions–good questions. Questions show genuine interest and respect for the ideas and opinions of others. If you listen carefully, people often reveal information that will improve your business systems and your bottom line.

Questions are also the best way to teach. In the words of a professional trainer, “To tell is to preach. To ask is to teach.”

Chet HolmChet Holmeses, a well-known marketing and sales teacher uses questions very effectively. Check out his three-page article, Creating Great Businesses. Chet gives an example of how he helped one business implement nineteen important improvements, all stemming from a single question.

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By the way, a great technique for using questions to uncover the root cause of business problems is applying the 5-Whys Analysis. You can learn how to apply this easy and effective method using the link below. 

5-Whys Problem Solving Tool

The Irresistible Offer: How to Sell Your Product or Service in Three Seconds or Less

The Irresistible Offer“The Irresistible Offer: How to Sell Your Product or Service in Three Seconds or Less” by Mark Joyner has remained one of the Top 10 best-selling books on marketing since it was published several years ago. It is $15 at with a 4 ½ star rating after 97 reviews.

The publisher is now giving it away as an ebook, and I am passing it along to my totally awesome customers.

Here are a few of the book’s rave reviews:

“If you only buy one book this year, buy this one.” (Scott Lovingood, Liberty Tax Service)

“I’ve read every book on marketing printed in the last 150 years. This is the first breakthrough in over 50 years.” (Dr. Joe Vitale Best-Selling Author of Over 30 Books)

“A masterpiece. A must-read. A treasure trove of marketing wisdom.” (Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian, Heart-Surgeon and Philanthropist)

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It's time for me to focus on other things. Many hours and dollars have gone into my software and written materials over the last fourteen years. Now it's time to give back. This is not a gimmick. There is nothing to buy. I give it all to you for free. If you use the software and apply the principles, you can create a remarkable company. See Below. Have fun!

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W. Edwards Deming

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