10 Ways Box Theory™ Software will Increase
Your Customer Loyalty, Profitability and Growth.

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First, keep in mind...

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  • With this all-in-one software you can create, organize, manage, document, store, and print everything pertaining to your business systems and processes.
  • Not a quickly programmed app, but a robust software tool developed over a five-year period at a cost of nearly a half-million dollars.
  • Upgrades and additional activation keys for the same owner are free.
    • Easy to install and learn. Extensive software help, video tutorials, examples, and more.


Create an "Organization Blueprint," the foundation for your business systems and processes.

Organization Blueprint

  • Mission, Values, Vision Statement Templates: Why do you exist? What are your core values? Where do you want to be in five years, and beyond?
  • Voice of Customer and Voice of Employee Tools: Who is your ideal customer and what do they expect from you? What must you do to retain your best employees?
  • SWOT Analysis and Strategy Tools: What are your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and the threats you face? What is your unique game-plan for success?
  • Business Goals Tool: What are your measurable company goals and action plans?
  • Organization Chart: What business activities are you engaged in? What systems must you excel at?
  • System Framework:  Define major business systems and subsystems. Prioritize improvement projects. Focus on the systems easiest to implement and with the biggest payoff.

See Software Screen Shots (Organization Blueprint)  (Org Chart and Systems Framework)


Design "Business Systems" that run smoothly, please customers, and eliminate frustration.


  • Checklist Tool: Create system checklists to achieve consistent and mistake-free results
  • Flowchart Tool: Describe more complex business processes with a flowchart diagram to add clarity and understanding.
  • Level Viewer: View business activities and tasks throughout your organization—all the systems and subsystems—using a unique navigation tool.
  • Apply powerful business improvement methods borrowed from large companies and made easy for small-business owners on a budget.

See Software Screen Shots (Business Process Tools)


Get best results when you have all necessary "System Components" (docs, materials, etc.).


  • Component Manager Tool: Manage all component types (documents, materials, equipment), including their description, source, and location.
  • Document Manager Tool: Create Microsoft Office and other documents. Manage them within the software. Import, export, and link to computer or cloud files.
  • Template Manager Tool:  Keep document masters and variations. Save time by reusing or re-purposing existing forms, spreadsheets, reports, and so forth.
  • Print Wizard: Print all or selected parts of system documents.

See Software Screen Shots (System Components Tools)


Set "System Objectives" and "Manage by the Numbers" to improve business performance.

  • System Objectives Tool: Establish individual system goals so that people push together to accomplish the broader company goals.
  • Measurement Report Wizard:  Answer a few simple questions about what you are measuring and the report wizard creates a fully-formatted form, ready to track and report performance information.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): On your home-page dashboard, monitor the few key measures that determine your progress and success.

See Software Screen Shots (Measurement Tools)


Check out "Other Software Features" that will make your work easier, faster, & more effective.


  • Bookmarks and Keyword Search: Quickly find anything in your company database with favorites, bookmarks, keyword search, and easy navigation tools.
  • Print Wizard: Easily print perfectly formatted pages, entire system documents, or selected component parts such as a checklist, job description, report, and so forth. Save time finding, gathering, collating, and organizing documents.
  • Backup and Restore: Backup of company database happens automatically upon exiting the program. Restore from one of nine previous backup dates.
  • Home Page: - Access links to "favorite" systems, frequently visited Internet sites, and recently opened documents. View system performance data, notes, calendar, and daily system-building tips.
  • Notes: Maintain an unlimited number of categories for  personal & organizational notes.
  • System Dashboard: View a summary of information on each business system "home page," including system objectives and performance measures.

See Software Screen Shots (More Tools and Features)


Learn the "Master Skill" to "Double Your Profit" (ebook).


  • Dig into 25 concise chapters containing remarkable principles, examples, and strategies for building effective business systems and processes—the essential building blocks of every successful and profitable enterprise. 
  • Be enlightened by the "Box Theory™ Way"—a unique, best-practices methodology for improving and elevating any small to midsize business  (Chapter 5).
  • Learn the power of Systems Thinking to reduce problems, inefficiency, and frustration, while dramatically improving customer loyalty, profitability, and growth.

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Develop proficiency with the self-paced "Box Theory™ Business Systems Academy."


  • Online curriculum for business owners/managers to become skilled in the Box Theory™ method for creating better business systems (software purchase required).
  • Self-paced training with step-by-step guidance for using the software and applying the "Master Skill" to your unique operation.
  • In a short time, create your own Organization Blueprint, and have a hands-on experience developing or refining one vital system within your organization. After that, you are on your way to creating an organization of excellence.

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"What Customers are Saying"


  • "Thanks so much for creating this software which has given my business the ability to take Quantum Leaps that otherwise may have taken another lifetime to hammer out." (Mark F., serving people with developmental disabilities).
  • “Just wanted to share – I have read your ebook already and I have to say that it is in the top 5 books I have ever read, and I read A LOT of books. Thanks for sharing your wisdom” (Geoff R., Athletic Performance).
  • “I purchased the Box theory silver software from you about two years ago. I love it!” (Jeremiah G., education).

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