Set system objectives, manage by the numbers, and track the key performance indicators (KPIs) that drive your "economic engine."

System Objectives:
Develop system objectives that are aligned with your business objectives.

Measuring system performance and providing feedback to team operators drives process improvement. Begin the measurement process by defining what it is you want to measure, how you will measure it, and the desired outcome.

  • Set System Objectives to help accomplish your company objectives.
  • Measure productivity, quality, cycle time, resource utilization, or costs.
  • Create an action plan to reach your target objectives.

System Objectives Tool


Measurement Report Wizard: Create fully-formated reports in minutes and track your performance data; numbers are the language of improvement.

Create and manage measurement reports to track the performance of each business system. Compare the data to your system objective(s) and use it as the basis for process improvement. Create measurement reports using the Box Theory™ Report Wizard or by using a standard spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel.

  • The Measurement Report Wizard asks you a few simple questions about what you are measuring and then creates a fully-formatted report ready for adding data.
  • Data can be added and viewed for any selected time period (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly) and can be expressed as whole numbers or percentages. Totals reflect the time period selected.
  • Compare actual system performance results with baseline, benchmark and goal numbers, and if appropriate, set the report totals as key performance indicators (KPIs) that show up in real-time on the System Dashboard and Home-Page Dashboard.
  • From the main menu you have easy access to all measurement reports for quick data entry.

Measurement Report Wizard


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): On your home-page dashboard, follow the few key numbers that determine your success.

While it may be useful to measure the performance of any business system, there are only a few critical numbers that drive the "economic engine" of your organization. If these numbers are good, everything else falls into place. All business Owners should know their KPIs!

  • Simply check a box on a new Measurement Report to describe it as a Key Performance Indicator.
  • Running totals of KPIs—along with baseline, benchmark and goal numbers—appear on the System Dashboard and the Home-Page Dashboard for easy review.

KPI Tracker Home Page