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My Little “Secret” for Building Business Systems

The truth is, most system-building is pick-and-shovel work. It takes some inspiration in The Zone to identify problems, set priorities, and hatch the big ideas, but YOU don’t have to do all the flowcharts, checklists, and other component documents. You should lead the charge and provide oversight, but let lower-cost individuals hammer out the time-consuming detail work. Box Theory™ software makes this a snap.

Over the years, the single best solution for me has been to hire part-time college students—usually business majors—to work under my direction. Students are bright, eager to learn, and inexpensive. Of course, they must understand the underlying principles of system development; they probably need to read the eCourse or attend the Business Systems Academy.

I’ve used dozens of college students with great success. Some high-schoolers are also capable. This can be an invaluable learning experience for these students. Even secretaries with a little time on their hands can do some of the work—like creating forms or other component documents.

Spend YOUR time doing the things of greatest value (eliminating constraints) and get help with the minutia.

By the way, if you are just starting out, or feel that some of the detail work is critically important, by all means, go ahead and do it yourself. Whatever works for you!

I’ve written a little more on this topic in a past blog. You can take a look at, “No Time for System Development – Try This!”

Remember, steady improvement wins the race!
Ron Carroll

P.S. – I highly recommend that you complete the Box Theory Business Systems Academy and create your first business system. Even if you are going to delegate, this will enable you to lead others with knowledge and authority!

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