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David Carroll

David C. – Business Technologies

“With the Box Theory software and coaching I was able to get in control of my inventory management, which was the cause of most of my problems. By creating good warehouse systems, and an air-tight system for tracking the purchasing, receipt and shipping of products, my company was able to get inventory under control and significantly increase profit. Ron gave me the tools and understanding that really turned my business around.”

Ron here…

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“I’ve spent 14 years at great cost to bring the powerful business-improvement principles used by large companies to the world of small-business. I am very proud of Box Theory™ Software and know that it can help you create a remarkable business! I invite you to give it a try at no risk, and put me to the test.”


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Increase customer satisfaction and profit by eliminating mistakes, waste, and rework!

5-Whys Analysis Tool: Discover the cause of operational problems in minutes without the need for data and analysis.

The 5-Whys Analysis is very effective method—in the office, store, warehouse or workshop—to logically determine the root cause of a problem, especially when your problems involve human factors and interaction. By repeatedly asking the question, “Why – what caused this problem,” your thinking quickly peels away layers of symptoms, and guides you to the true source of your trouble.

  • Find the source of your problem in minutes without using data tracking or analysis.
  • Add as many questions with the 5-Whys Tool as it takes to find the source of your quality problem.
  • Write your conclusion and action plan to solve the problem.

5-Whys Analysis Tool

Quality Improvement Analysis: Improve business processes with a step-by-step analysis that will dramatically boost quality and productivity.

A Quality Improvement Analysis works from observation, customer or employee feedback, or report data to provide a more in-depth breakdown of the mistakes, errors and defects you are having in a process. This tool is similar to the Fishbone Diagram used in Six Sigma.

  • Analyze each individual step in a business process, pinpointing mistakes or errors that are caused by human, process, policy, equipment, environment, materials and other.
  • After describing the specific cause(s) of a problem, write your brief action plan to remedy the problem(s).

Quality Improvement Tool

Pareto Analysis (80-20 Rule): Find the root cause of the most frequent and costly quality problems that are difficult to identify.

A Pareto Analysis allows you to go beyond observation and general knowledge to discover problems that are not readily apparent or measured. It also enables you to drill-down and focus on the 20% of problems that cause of 80% of your mistakes, waste, frustration and unhappy customers. By focusing on your vital few quality problems, and ignoring the trivial many, you will get the biggest improvement for your time and money spent.

  • Identify the specific mistakes or errors in a business process and track how often each occurs during a set period of time.
  • See a graphical representation of the errors from most to least occurrences.
  • Remedy the few causes of mistakes or errors that make up most of the general problem (e.g. inaccurate paychecks; returned products from customers).
  • Perform a second level Pareto Analysis that drills down even deeper to find hidden causes that can’t be discovered any other way.

Pareto Analysis Tool

Pareto Analysis Chart