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Saving, Backing Up, and Restoring Your Company Database

Box Theory™ Software continually saves your company database while you are working. It also allows for a backup database to be created each day that you are in the program. You can click the “Backup Now” button on the right side of the Main Menu at any time to perform a manual save of your company’s backup database. It’s a good idea to do this occasionally throughout the day. You are also prompted to back up the database when you exit the software.

In the “File” area of the Main Menu, you can select “Administration” to configure and manage your backup and restore functions. These processes work as follows:

Backup – Box Theory™ Software puts backup files of your company database in the “BTG Backup” folder located in your company folder. The file extension for all database files is “.btg.”

Box Theory™ Software creates one backup file with your company name and the current date every day you are in the program. If you uncheck the box, “Delete Old Backup Files,” an unlimited number of daily backup files is maintained. If the box is checked (by default), files are saved for the three most-recent days and a week apart for approximately a month. You will have up to eight backup files on your computer at one time. In File>Administration>Backup, select “Open Folder” to view your backup files. You can delete files manually at any time.

Restore – To restore a backup database, go to Main Menu>Administration>Restore. Here you will see a list of available backup files and dates. Select, open, and look over the company .btg file you want to restore. Then, simply click the button on the Main Menu that says “Restore Open Backup” in red text. This will make the open backup file your current company database. It will also rename the old folder with today’s date. When satisfied, you can delete the old folder and its contents.

Restoring a Component Document Only – If you have a lost or corrupted document file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) that you need to restore from a backup database, you can quickly do it from within the current active database. Right-click in the Component Manager module. Go to “Import Document>Restore Document from Company Backup Database.” Select the business system and then the document to restore. Click “OK” to import the document into the current system. You may need to rename it.

I hope you never lose anything, but just in case, we’ve got you covered!

Ron Carroll

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