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I am very excited to introduce the new Box Theory™ Small-Business Advisor Program. This page provides all the information you need to make a decision and begin the journey. So, let's get going!

Box Theory™ products are designed to help small to mid-sized companies develop more effective business systems and processes. The innovative Box Theory™ approach to system development and process improvement includes powerful and proven techniques used by many large companies.

The Box Theory™ Way incorporates Systems Thinking and the basics of Six Sigma, Lean Thinking and the Theory of Constraints. However, the unique Box Theory™ method transforms these often complex and expensive business process management (BPM) strategies into a far more intuitive and manageable solution for the small-business community.

Without question, the most effective means to help companies learn and benefit from the Box Theory™ Way is to provide them access to a small-business coach/advisor/consultant—whichever term is preferred. For our purposes here, we will use the term Small-Business Advisor

Carroll and Company wants to partner with individuals and companies that are interested in selling Box Theory™ products. While the Box Theory™ Way has unlimited possibilities as the primary focus of a Small-Business Advisor, the products can easily fit into any existing business coaching program that the marketing partner may currently offer. (A word from two of our Advisors)

It is not the desire of Carroll and Company to create an exhaustive business coaching program like others on the market today. Our focus is on helping business owners and managers learn the most fundamental of business skills—how to create effective business systems and processes. This expertise can be applied to all business functions, including marketing and sales, operations, and administration (see Coaching Success Stories).

The following information will provide a more detailed view of our Advisory Program.

Mission and Purpose

The Box TheorySmall-Business Advisor Program has the following four objectives:

  1. Teach the Box Theory™ Way (see below) - Help clients learn how to create better business systems and processes by using the Box Theory™ methodology and software designed specifically for small to mid-sized businesses.

  2. Create a Culture of Excellence - Help business owners and managers create a business culture of discipline and excellence that achieves maximum results, even when the owner is not around. Furthermore, make it possible for owners to one day replicate their business in new markets, sell it for top dollar, or hire someone to run it for them.

  3. Fulfill the Box Theory™ Mission - Help clients dramatically increase customer loyalty, profitability and growth by elevating the performance of their vital business systems and processes.

  4. Add Value to the Business Advisor - Provide quality products and an innovative business-improvement model to help Advisors stand out in the marketplace, accomplish for their clients the three mission objectives above, and earn top-dollar for delivering exceptional and measurable value.

The Box Theory™ Way

The Box TheorySmall-Business Advisor teaches, oversees, and/or implements the Box Theory™ Way. In general, this business-improvement methodology includes the following four major elements:

  1. Box Theory™ Principles and Practices - This is a breakthrough method for systemizing and improving any organization, as described in the book, Box Theory™: Double Your Profit with High-Performance Business Systems and Processes, and in various articles, instruction videos, and email tips.

    The Box Theory™ Way includes creating an organization blueprint and building high-performance business systems and processes that focus on six elements—process, components, people, quality, speed and measurement. It also incorporates Systems Thinking and the basic principles of Six Sigma, Lean Thinking, and the Theory of Constraints. Completing specific action plans within the software will result in growth-producing, customer-pleasing, waste-removing, profit-generating business systems and processes.

  2. Box Theory™ Software - After five years of development, this robust business software tool fully incorporates the Box Theory™ methodology. It is available in several editions, including the Silver Edition for business startups and companies with few employees, the Gold Edition, which has full functionality for established companies, and the Multi-Company Gold Edition.

  3. Online Box Theory Business Systems Academy - This online training curriculum for Advisors is also available to business owners, managers, and employees, if desired, to help them become proficient in the Box Theory™ method and software tools.

  4. Business Improvement Workshop - This is a weekly workshop for managers and employees held at a company, department, or team level. Its purpose is to apply Box Theory™ principles for developing and improving business policies and operations. This meeting is a great place for the Advisor to engage, teach, lead out, and shine.

The Markets

In some of the Carroll and Company marketing information, Box Theory™ products are offered to those who want to start, grow, fix, or franchise their business. This will always apply. However, there are currently two primary markets and a third consideration.

  1. Start-ups and Early-Stage Companies - These companies with few employees need Box Theory™ software to 1) get organized, 2) create a foundation and system framework for their operations, 3) learn proper thinking and methods for creating effective business systems, and 4) to put systems in place that will help the company look professional and please customers right from the start. As young companies grow, they become more interested in issues of quality and efficiency. Early-stage clients will benefit by initial business coaching and follow-up as needed. As the business expands, you, the Box Theory™ small-business consultant, can become a trusted friend.

  2. Mature and Growth-Oriented Companies - These companies, with perhaps 25 to 100 employees, already have functioning business systems. The focus of the Advisor is on improvement, cost cutting, creating loyal customers, and establishing operational systems that keep up with the demands of growth. He or she will use the advanced tools of Box Theory™ software to achieve dramatic results and a big payoff for the client. Engagement fees are potentially much higher for this type of customer.

    The Small-Business Advisor can play an important role by:

    • Performing hands-on work to improve the client's vital systems
    • Providing oversight and mentoring to client's employees
    • Conducting business improvement workshops
    • Being at the crossroads as new products and processes come on line
    • Becoming the chief problem solver, efficiency expert, and process improvement specialist
    • Creating proven business systems for a "prototype" business to be replicated or franchised in other markets
  3. Niche Markets - By developing niche or vertical markets, the Small-Business Advisor becomes an expert in that industry. When this specialized knowledge is used to create effective systems within the software, the value is continually added upon. With each new client engagement, a growing body of knowledge and solutions can be drawn from. This does not mean systems are copied exactly from one company to another. Each company will have its own unique way of doing things. However, general best practices and proven principles can be re-used without a conflict of interest.

Certification and Compensation

The Small-Business Advisor can achieve informal certification by completing the online Box Theory™ Business Systems Academy. The certification process also includes the submission and approval of an Organization Blueprint and one completed Business System. The Advisor will be supported and mentored during this process to insure success.

Financial consideration for the Small-Business Advisor is as follows:

  • The person will pay $995.00 to become a Box Theory™ Business Systems Advisor.
  • The Advisor will receive one personal copy of Box Theory Gold (Multi-Company) software and four copies that can be sold to customers for a total value exceeding $1095.
  • The Advisor will also receive personal coaching.
  • Carroll and Company will keep software revenue from all other sales.
  • The Advisor will keep all revenue for billing of consulting/coaching time.

The revenue to Carroll and Company from a sale of Box Theory™ Software is minimal compared with the potential earnings from the engagement as a Small-Business Advisor. In addition, the cost of the software to the customer is only incidental to total value provided by the Advisor, and will be recovered quickly. As a result, both the Advisor and their client are able to leverage the investment in software for a large return.

Become a Small-Business Advisor $995.00


Carroll and Company is anxious to help Advisors and their clients succeed. The following support is available:

  1. The Box Theory™ eCourse - This ebook, "Box Theory™: Double Your Profit with High-Performance Systems and Processes" provides the basic principles to implement the Box Theory™ Methodology.

  2. The Box Theory™ Business Systems Academy - The Academy follows a detailed workshop outline that guides Advisors through powerful business principles, software video tutorials, real-world examples, and brainstorming worksheets.

  3. Online/Phone or eMail Support - I will be available to answer questions regarding the principles, software, or specific systems an Advisor is working on with clients. In addition, I will provide mentoring during the certification process.

Final Word

The power of the Box Theory™ Small-Business Advisor Program—a system for dramatically improving any organization—is found in its three major components. The first component consists of the powerful and widely accepted business process strategies integrated into the Box Theory™ Way—strategies with a big financial payoff. The second component is an easy-to-use software tool and method designed for the unique needs of the small-business community. And the third—most important component—is the Advisor that catches the vision and uses the tools and principles to perform frequent miracles for clients. (A word from two of our Advisors)

If this sounds interesting to you or your company, or if you have another idea how to pursue these objectives, let's talk further. Contact me, Ron Carroll, today at:

I would very much like to find out what you are doing, and how this could fit into your plans.

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Become a Small-Business Advisor $995.00

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