A Word from two of our Advisors

Muroro Dzinuni

"I am now proficient with the Box Theory Gold software and implementing the system tools at my work place. The more I indulge in the Box Theory Way, the more I am amazed by this powerful methodology. 

"The real value of the Box theory Way is how it brings together recognized principles from tested best practices such as Six Sigma, Lean Operations, Balanced Scorecard and the Theory of Constraints. My MBA studies did not take such an integrated view of business and rather reinforced a detailed vertical understanding of business functions. The Box Theory Way brings everything together with its emphasis of systems thinking.

"ISO 9001 and 9004 principles have a very strong alignment with Box Theory Way in that they both ensure business systems deliver products and services that are fit for purpose. This puts the Box Theory Way amongst the best business frameworks.

"The more I read the Box Theory Way, the simpler it gets. I use the high performance attributes as a checklist for all the systems and processes that I use in my work and its true power is from its ease of use.

"There is something magical about the Box Theory Way once you get it! Brilliant, amazing, must have!" (Muroro Dziruni, SAMSA, South Africa)

David Brydson 

Dear Ron,

Just a short note to say: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.

It has always been a difficult task to get the kind of information we need to do our job because most companies do not have their business processes documented. They rely on “the way we've always done it” or “give it to so-and-so because they know how to do it.”  Existing employees provide limited training to new hires and hope they “get it” fast enough to be productive. Ingrained habits are passed on…good and bad ones. Consistent results are never achieved.

We always find a hodge-podge of Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and on occasion Visio flow charts spread across the company. Most are outdated and squirreled away by someone in places that others do not have access to. The horrible mess makes it harder for us to help business owners grow because they don’t know what goes on daily inside their own company.

I had been searching for software that could be used to map out business processes for our clients in a logical way for many years, with documents stored in a common area that everyone can access. I wanted the software to be easy for clients to understand and follow. We even considered building our own, but could never find the time to do it. Then I found Box Theory Gold.

I knew from the moment I saw it that that Box Theory Gold was exactly the kind software I was looking for.  It is simple enough for anyone to use and understand, so our clients are able to easily document their business processes. It is also flexible enough to handle almost any type of business process mapping that might be needed.

We can now provide our customers a copy of Box Theory Gold with pre-loaded standardized processes that most companies use—samples to begin working with. It is then easy to train their employees to modify and build upon those processes. Generally, is only takes a few hours and they are “off to the races.” When they get stuck or don’t understand something, the examples included help them “get it” right away.

Our clients have found the use of Box Theory Gold to be extremely helpful in understanding the impact that every process, in every area of their business, has on ensuring happy customers; which, of course, leads to more revenue. BestFit Solutions consultants are far more effective with Box Theory software.

With better business systems and processes, our clients are growing more predictably, operate with better efficiency, and consistently provide superior service to their customers. This allows them to dominate their competitors and increase sales each day. And we look like great consultants. So again:  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

David Brydson, CEO

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